The Bat Is Not A Toy It’s A Weapon.

The Bat Is Not A Toy, It’s A Weapon. I Quote No 2 I

The Bat Is Not A Toy, It’s A Weapon – Quote by Virat

Virat Kohli is an amazing cricketer and a batsman. Today we will be discussing one of his greatest quotes in this article. The quote is ‘The Bat Is Not A Toy, It’s A Weapon.

This is a great example of a classic quote. It has a variety of meanings. It’s a message and warning to those batsmen who don’t take their passion for cricket seriously and try to play cricket just for the sake of it. This is a clear message to them to take their passion seriously and work hard for what they believe in. This is also a covert message to the fans who think cricket for cricketers is just a game. It is not. It’s their passion and part of their very life.

The Bat Is Not A Toy It’s A Weapon.

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It’s quite great that cricketers like Virat Kohli are creating quotes like these. Since they are able to influence a large group of people, a great message is transmitted into the society as a whole. It’s also great for the fellow cricketers as good thoughts get propagated through the entire cricketing circle.

Virat Kohli has also said a lot of other great things but this is perhaps the greatest of them all because of its implications. We hope that you too liked this thought and have learned something from it is a life lesson. Some of the life lessons which can be learned from this thought are:

  • Take whatever you do in your life very seriously.
  • Always give importance to things that matter in your professional career.

You can also learn a lot from it as per your own interpretations. Hope this has been a great and informative article until now. Don’t forget to drop your suggestion in the comments section. Stay connected for more cricket related updates and news because we keep publishing on a regular basis.

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