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Weird Cricket Facts I Weird Facts About Cricket


When you think of cricket, India will always come to your mind. Whether you are an Indian native or not, the love for cricket in India overrides most things. Virtually everyone in India, including those who don’t like anything to do with sports, knows a thing or two about cricket. For this reason, you will find most people glued to their screens whenever there is a cricket tournament involving India and other cricket-playing countries. Today, we take you through the weird cricket facts that will knock you off your seats.

Weird Cricket Facts List

· Cricket and Olympics

You heard that right! Although over a century ago, cricket was part of the 1896 Olympics in Athens, Greece, and in 1900 in Paris, France.

· Khan Pataudi

It may come as a surprise, but Ali Khan Pataudi was a cricket player who played for England and India. Notice the similarities in the name Saif Ali Khan? Well, Pataudi is this cricketer’s grandfather.

· Sachin Tendulkar before India

Often referred to as the God of Cricket in India, he once played for Pakistan during the Indian and Pakistan match practice in 1987 at the Brabourne Stadium. He came in as a Pakistan’s fielder substitute.

· Legitimate 14-ball over

In 1946 during the British Guyana and Barbados match, the umpire made a mistake where the bowlers delivered six additional balls after the set 8-ball count overs, at the time.

· Leading in the Maiden Overs

The Indian Bapu Nadkarni is the top holder of successive maiden overs totaling 21 in a test match against England.

· Shane Warne vs Jayasuyira

In a total of 445 matches, Jayasuriya garnered 323 wickets, whereas Shane in 194 matches garnered 293 wickets. This makes Jayasuriya a better ODI bowler than Shane.

· Jimmy Sinclair delivers the longest six ever!

Jimmy hit a six, and it went for 556 miles. It is the longest six yet.





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