Foreign Cricketers Who Married Indian Women

Foreign Cricketers Who Married Indian Women

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Foreign Cricketers Who Married Indian Women is indeed an interesting subject given many haven’t explore it much and a large number of people don’t even know about such cases. Which is why we thought it would be worth discussing and talking about.

1. Shoaib Malik

Before marrying Sania Mirza, he was married to Ayesha Siddiqui for almost 9 years. He married Sania in Hyderabad in 2010. Interestingly, not even 2 years had been passed after the deadly 26/11 attacks. Their Walima was held in Pakistan.

2. Shaun Tait

He got married to Mashoom Singha who happens to be a former swimsuit model. Mashoom’s sister was also once a beauty queen and was even crowned Miss Earth India in 2001. This didn’t end here as Shaun became an overseas citizen of India.

3. Hasan Ali

Ali is a Pakistani cricketer who married Indian air hostess Samiya Arzoo in August 2019 in Dubai, UAE. They had their first child in April 2021 named Helena. It should be noted that Hasan has also been a player in the PSL.

4. Muttiah Muralitharan

Muttiah though played for the Lankan team is an ethnic Tamil. Madhimalar Ramamurthy, his wife hails from Chennai. They married long ago in 2005. They have one child named Naren and Murali is also an overseas citizen of India.

5. Mike Brearley

Mike married Mana Sarabhai who is a Gujarati by ethnicity. Though Mike is from Britain, he has a huge liking for Bengali people and culture. Post retirement, he got into psychoanalysis and went on to pursue a career in that field.


Whatever might have been the case, one should never troll or mock these women for their choices. For example, if Sania Mirza decided to marry a Pakistani while being an Indian, that’s her choice. There is nothing to ponder upon. Do let us know about any other Foreign Cricketers Who Married Indian Women.





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