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The primary purpose of the Yo-Yo Test is to test the endurance of an individual. Then, there are calculatable parameters with which one can quantify someone’s endurance. Mostly, sportspersons are made to take this test. However, common people too can do it to evaluate themselves and their health.

Invented By

It was created by Jens Bangsbo in the 90s.

Versions Of Yo-Yo Test

Yes, there are different versions of the test. They are as follows.

Yo Yo Test

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  • Endurance Variants

Level 1

Level 2

  • Intermittent Recovery Variants

Level 1

Level 2

  • Intermittent Endurance Variants

Level 1

Level 2

Why Yo-Yo Test Is Needed For Cricketers?

Endurance was an aspect that was often neglected in the early days of cricket and even a few years back. But then many realized that it is quite important and especially in formats like ODI and Test cricket. Tests like these help coach to identify which players need to work on their endurance.

When Was Yo-Yo Test Introduced For Indian Cricketers?

You would be surprised to know that the usage of this test began quite recently for the Indian national team. It was in 2016 when thanks to the efforts of Anil Kumble that this test became compulsory.

What Are Its Benefits A Cricket Team?

While getting an insight into the players’ endurance is one thing, it also promotes healthy competition amongst them. This is because everyone would want to give their best and hence, the performance of the team as a whole will improve.

Virat Kohli’s Fitness

King Kohli is perhaps the fittest cricketer in the world right now and this has a significant amount of contribution to his performance. He has a batting average of 50+ in all international cricket formats including T20. Kohli proves that being fit is indeed necessary and the Yo-Yo test is one thing that incentivizes people to work more on their fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Yo-Yo endurance test?

Yo-Yo endurance test is used to evaluate the fitness level of athletes in basketball, cricket and football. There are many types of Yo-Yo test as well.

What is a yo yo Test in cricket?

Yo-Yo test in cricket was introduced in cricket to gauge the endurance level of cricketers. Anil Kumble is credited with introducing it to the Indian cricket team.

What does the yoyo test measure?

In the context of cricket, it is usually used to measure endurance. However, there is a version of it that measure recovery too.

How is the yoyo test done?

It is done by asking the athletes to run to and fro between two lines at a distance of 20 metres a certain number of times.

Is the yoyo test hard?

It depends on which level of it that you are taking. Usually, elite athletes like international cricket players have to take a level 2 test.

How long does a yoyo test take?

It takes less than 30 minutes to get completed. That is what makes them different from others as the time taken is very less.

How Yo-Yo test score is calculated?

As we usually have the time taken for completing the test and the distance traversed, we can compute the VO2 maximum and hence, the fitness rating.

Who invented the Yo-Yo test?

Jens Bangsbo invented the Yo-Yo test. He is from Denmark and has done extensive work in physiology. He was even a sportsperson himself once.

What’s the difference between the beep test and the yoyo test?

The beep test is a continuous test while there are provisions of rest in the yoyo test. This is the main difference between them.

How do you do a yo-yo test at home?

You need about 25 metres in length of space which isn’t possible in most of the houses. Also, it isn’t advisable to do this test on the road as well.

What is the meaning of Yo-Yo?

For many, yo-yo means a toy that became famous a while ago. But, when it comes to tests used to gauge fitness, it is an important one.

How can I get better at the Yo-Yo test?

A simple answer would be to work on your fitness. However, since the test measures endurance, you should try to do exercises that can help you improve that.





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