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When it comes to Pakistan, many know the names of cities like Islamabad, Multan and Karachi, Quetta too has its own significance. It is located near the Pak-Afghan Border and is also the capital city of Balochistan. We will be sharing the details about the Bugti Cricket Stadium.

History Of Bugti Cricket Stadium

The cricket stadium was established just 8 years after India was partitioned in 1947, in 1954. Given the topography of the area, Bugti is quite a picturesque location.

You would be surprised to know that Bugti used to be race course ground before it was converted for playing cricket. However, sadly, only a single international cricket match has been played here.

Only ODI Ever Held in Bugti Cricket Stadium

Date 30th October 1996
Teams Zimbabwe Vs Pakistan

While Pakistan did manage to win the match by 3 wickets, Grant brother made sure that Pak got a tough target of 238. Still, while the match ended in favor of the home nation, the ground is yet to see global squads visiting for any type of game.

Reasons Why International Matches Aren’t Played In Quetta

The reasons for international matches are many. Like;

  • Availability of better venues like other major cities.
  • Security concerns as the location is near the porous Afghan border.
  • Ongoing insurgency in the region.

It should be noted that PSL matches have also been cancelled before after declaring it as the venue.

Will International Matches Be Played In Bugti Again?

This is indeed a question that many of you might be having in your minds. Given the upcoming withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, it is possible that the situation their might stabilize and teams and the PCB might feel more comfortable holding major matches there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Bugti Cricket Stadium

Who is the owner of Bugti Stadium?

PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board)

Bugti ground is in which city?


When was Bugti Stadium established?






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