Spot Fixing vs Match Fixing

Spot Fixing vs Match Fixing | How Do They Differ?

Why Is It Important To Know About The Differences?

While generalizing them, both might sound like a valid approximation, there are some fundamental difference between spot fixing vs match fixing. We will also share some common traits in both.

Spot Fixing vs Match Fixing Comparison

Spot Fixing

Match Fixing

Relatively easier Somewhat difficult
Easier to do in T20 matches as the anomalies aren’t easy to detect Aren’t easier when it comes to twenty 20 games
Prior information is needed by the player about the exact over or in some cases even balls A simple instruction can also be enough
Sometimes players also signal the bookies by making a predetermined gesture (like in IPL 2013) No such gesture is needed as everything has been decided beforehand
Very difficult to notice if a single player is involved. Relatively easier to take a note of as deliberately playing poorly does attract attention and criticism.

Prominent Pakistani Match Fixers

  • Saleem Malik
  • Mohammed Amir
  • Mohammed Asif

Are some of the infamous match fixers from Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs About Spot Fixing vs Match Fixing

What Is Match Fixing?

It involves one or more players of team agreeing to perform in way so that the result of match can be as per the bookies or gamblers that they have been in contact with.

How Is Spot Fixing Done?

Spot fixing doesn’t involve directly affecting the result of the match but making sure that certain instances (an over or a ball) go as per the instructions of the handlers.

Which English Cricketer Was Jailed For Spot Fixing?

Meryn Westfield

Has spot fixing happened in PSL?

Yes. PSL’s name was tainted in 2017 when 6 cricketers were found to be guilty of doing the same and were promptly suspended.

Which players were caught doing spot fixing in PSL?

The following were the players that were caught doing spot fixing in Pakistan Super League:
Mohammed Nawaz
Shahzaib Hasan
Mohammed Irfan
Nasir Jamshed
Khalid Latif
Sharjeel Khan

Did Danish Kaneria Fix Matches?

As per his admission, he didn’t fix matches but he did motivate others to do so.





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