Comparing Cricbuzz Vs Cricinfo Factually I Cricketfile

Comparing Cricbuzz Vs Cricinfo Factually I Cricketfile

Why are we comparing Cricbuzz Vs Cricinfo Factually?

Without a doubt, both of them do share a lot of info when it comes to all things related to cricket, but a factual comparison is necessary so that people get into an insight into where they stand. Nevertheless, without further delaying things, we will now proceed with comparing them side by side.

Note: Cricinfo is officially known as ESPNCricinfo. Cricinfo though still is a popular name among the audience.

Cricbuzz Vs Cricinfo Basic Info Tabular Comparison

Cricbuzz Cricinfo



Times Internet ESPN


English along with many regional ones English

Started In

2004 1993
  • Lower Alexa rank means greater number of visitors.
  • Regional languages include Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada.
  • Regional languages also seem to be the reason why Cricbuzz has become very popular in India.


Cricbuzz Cricinfo

Alexa Rank (Global)

301 437

Alexa Rank in India

29 80

Similarweb Traffic

200 million 91 million

Similarweb Average Time Spent by A User

8 minutes 7.5 minutes
  • Both seem to have engaging content as the average time spent by their visitors is near about the same.
  • Cricbuzz has an edge when it comes to traffic from India.
  • Similarweb gives an insight into the number of visitors a website is getting along with other related stats.

Apps (Android)

Cricbuzz Cricinfo

Number of Downloads

100 Million Plus 10 Million Plus

Average Rating

4.3/5 3.9/5

Application Size

12 MB 7 MB

Number of Reviews

1 Million 200 Thousand

Social Media Handles


Cricbuzz Cricinfo


1.9 Million 1.4 Million


@cricbuzzofficial @espncricinfo


Yes Yes


Cricbuzz Cricinfo


4.5 Million 6.1 Million


@cricbuzz @ESPNcricinfo


Yes Yes
  • This seems to be where Cricinfo has an upper edge over Cricbuzz.

Google Trends Comparison

Let’s take a look at how their brand names have varied in terms of popularity on Google in the last 5 years.



Obviously, there will be variation in terms of popularity in specific countries. But do let us know in the comments section about which website is more popular in your country or the state you are living in as per Google trends.


Hope that this Cricbuzz Vs Cricinfo comparison has helped you to get an insight about both the websites and their related services. Are you a Cricbuzz user or a Cricinfo one? Do let us know your answer along with one or more reasons if you want.




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