Cricket And Politics, Or Rather The Other Way Around?

Cricket And Politics, Or Rather The Other Way Around?

Why Is This Connection There In The First Place?

While many of you might be knowing about the relation between cricket and politics, allow us to discuss and explain things by making use of a few tables. The relation between the two is strong because of two main reasons.

  • Cricketers represent our country and hence they can take political responsibilities. Many of them have went on to become seasoned politicians as well.
  • Politicians by nature too have tremendous organizational capacity as people who can efficiently manage things without any issue. This is a key part of their political life too.

Cricketers Who Became Politicians

Name Political Party Joined Political Career Summary
Ashok Dinda BJP Became MLA from Moyna (2021)
Gautam Gambhir BJP MP (Lok Sabha) from East Delhi
Manoj Prabhakar AIC Fought from South Delhi Seat
Chetan Chauhan BJP MP from Amroha (Thrice), Sitting MLA from Naugawan Sadat
Kirti Azad BJP & INC MP from Darbhanga (Thrice), MLA from Gole Market
Mohammed Kaif INC Fought Lok Sabha seat from Phulpur
Sachin Tendulkar Nominated By President of India for Rajya Sabha (2012)
Vinod Kambli Lok Bharati Party Fought State Assembly Elections from Vikhroli
Mohammed Azharuddin INC MP from Moradabad (2009)
Navjot Singh Sidhu BJP & INC MP from Amritsar (Twice), Rajya Sabha MP (Once), MLA from Amritsar East

As you can see, a number of them ended up winning elections and some have been in politics since a long time.

Politicians Who Were Involved In Cricket Administration

Politician Political Party Cricket Administration
Rajeev Shukla INC Former IPL Chairman, Former Secretary of UPCA, Vice President BCCI
Anurag Thakur BJP Former President and Secretary BCCI
Sharad Pawar NCP ICC Vice President, ICC President, BCCI President, MCA President
Amit Shah BJP Former Vice President GCA







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