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Ashok Dinda

Ashok Dinda was born on 25th March 1984 in Moyna, West Bengal. He represented the Bengal cricket team from 2005 to the year 2019. Ashok was the leading wicket taker for Bengal for two consecutive seasons of Ranji Trophy from 2017 to 2019.

He could not play for Bengal in the 2020-21 season because he got involved in an argument with the team’s bowling coach, and hence, he played for Goa.

Ashok Dinda

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Ashok Dinda Domestic Career Stats

  • First-class cricket

He played a total of 116 matches in which he took 420 wickets in total. He took five wickets in a given innings 26 times. His economic rate throughout his career was just above three. (3.09)

  • List-A cricket

He played 98 List-A cricket matches while managing to take 151 wickets in total. His performance in this format of cricket can be termed as ‘decent.’

Ashok Dinda International Career

He represented the Indian cricket team in 13 ODIs and 9 T20Is in his short-lived international career. Now, let’s talk about his debuts in both formats.

  • ODI Debut

He made his ODI debut in Bulawayo on 28th May 2010 against the Zimbabwe cricket team. Dinda didn’t manage to take any wickets and was the second most expensive bowler in terms of economy rate.

  • T20I Debut

His T20I debut happened on 9th December 2009 against the Sri Lankan cricket team on the Nagpur cricket ground. This was somewhat better as he took a wicket by dismissing Lankan opener Sanath Jayasuriya. However, India lost the match.

Ashok Dinda IPL Career

He played for five different teams in the IPL. They were

Rising Pune Supergiant (2016-17)

Royal Challengers Bangalore (2014-15)

– Pune Warriors India (2012-2013)

– Delhi Daredevils (2011)

Kolkata Knight Riders (2008-2010)

In total, he played 78 IPL matches and took 69 wickets. His best performance was 4/18.

Ashok Dinda Retirement

He announced his retirement on 2nd February 2021. He especially thanked current BCCI president Sourav Ganguly who recommended him for the 2005-06 domestic season. Dinda was appreciated by the CAB (Cricket Association of Bengal) President to contribute to cricket in West Bengal.

While he said that he was taking this decision to take retirement on his own volition because of a knee injury, many believe that the real reason for his retirement was the fact that he was dropped from the Bengal team after getting into a heated argument with the team’s bowling coach Ranadeb Bose.

He then had to decide to represent the Goa cricket team in the 2020-2021 season. He announced his retirement at a press conference in Kolkata.

It is also said that he was asked to apologize to the coach for his unruly behavior, but he refused to do so. We will never know what exactly transpired, but if the Bengal captain and coach’s reports are correct, then Dinda was indeed at fault.

Had he decided to apologize, he would have gracefully ended his career as a Bengal veteran player. Whether it was his ego or something else that came in the way, it isn’t easy to tell. Incidents like these are quite unfortunate for cricket as a sport.

Dinda Academy

While some of you might be thinking that Dinda Academy is a cricket academy established by Ashok Dinda, this isn’t the case. It’s the brainchild of trollers on social networking sites like Twitter. You would be surprised to know that there is even a troll handle Dinda Academy (@academy_dinda) which has more than 2300 followers.

Trolls use Dinda Academy to troll those pacers who give way too many runs in the limited-overs format. There is even a Facebook page by the name dindaacademy which has 100 thousand plus followers.

Now the issue here is that Dinda’s bowling stats give us a completely different picture. He isn’t the person as he is portrayed to be by social media users. While for these users this is just fun and games, they don’t realize the impact which brutal trolling like this can have on a cricketer’s mental health.

He was so disturbed by this that he had to post his stats on his Instagram account page. The thing is if this was limited to just trolls it would still have been OK but even Twitter handle of RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) tried to use this once.

Though they later had to delete the tweet in question. The thing is bowlers like Pandya and Chahal have a worse economy rate as compared to Dinda but we haven’t seen anyone trolling them with Pandya Academy or Chahal Academy.

The reason might be because its just something which was started as a joke by someone but it got out of hand and reached the proportions that it has now. It can also be because Dinda is a soft target for the trolls.

Whatever the reason might be. If you ever visit the pages or accounts which we have mentioned, you will see a darker form of the abuse which hits a new low every day.

Ashok Dinda Wife

Dinda is currently married to Sreyasi Rudra. She too like Ashok is a Bengali by ethnicity. They married on 22nd July in 2013. They also have a daughter by the name of Tiara who was born on 10th December 2017.

Ashok and Sreyasi dated for almost four years before deciding to get married. Her Instagram handle is @sreyasirudradinda which has 13 thousand plus followers. She regularly posts pictures with her daughter and her husband.

She is indeed a glamorous and beautiful woman who is also a loving and caring mother. Dinda too has retired from cricket recently and hence he will be able to help her in taking care of their daughter together.

She has always supported Ashok while he played cricket and has been his inspiration for performing better. Hopefully, she will also support him in case he decides to become a mentor or a coach in near future. We sincerely hope that the couple has a happy married life together.

Ashok Dinda Net Worth

As per the estimation, he has a total net-worth 2 million US dollars. He has accumulated this wealth thanks to his match fees and by representing various teams in the IPL (Indian Premier League). While he didn’t get any major endorsement deal from any brand. But, he contributed a lot to Indian cricket.

Ashok Dinda In Politics

  • 2021 Win In West Bengal Elections

Ashok fought the 2021 West Bengal Assembly elections from the Moyna constituency as a candidate of the BJP. While his party didn’t manage to win, Dinda won by a narrow margin of 1260 votes. Here are the number of votes he and his closest rival won.

Ashok Dinda1,08,109
Sangram Kumar Dolai1,06,849

An interesting to note here is that Dinda joined the BJP just in February and the polling for the constituency occurred on 1st April 2021. This win means a beginning of a new innings for him and we hope that he will try his best for the people of Moyna.


Where did Ashok Dinda win 2021 elections from?

He won the Moyna constituent assembly seat of the West Bengal Assembly in the 2021 elections.

How many votes did Dinda get in Bengal 2021 elections?

He secured 1,08,109 votes in the West Bengal 2021 elections.

How many votes did Ashok Dinda win by?

He won by a narrow margin of 1260 votes.

Which party is Ashok Dinda from?

He is from the BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party).

Who did Ashok Dinda defeat?

Dinda defeated Sangram Kumar Dolai of the AITMC (All India Trinamool Congress).

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