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Cricket is the most loved sport in India and the entire world. The craze and eminence of cricket are increasing at a rapid stride. People often adore the cricketers and teams, but many more unsung heroes are behind making cricket the most applauded sport. Cricket bat brands are one such hero that adds charm to sports.

Let’s unravel about some of the top cricket bat brands:-

Kookaburra Sport

Kookaburra Sport is a leading manufacturer of bats. It has gained the right name in the market space by producing qualitative bats. This brand exclusively deals with hockey and cricket accessories. It is famous in the cricket arena because it creates the most accountable and reliable cricket bats. Kookaburra is a thunder in the world of cricket bats. It integrates high-quality willow for the production of bats. But, the most remarkable features of the bats by Kookaburra are supreme quality, elegant finish, appealing look, thick edges, and the list is endless.

The brand is used and endorsed by prominent cricket personalities. Kookaburra Sport provides a wide variety of classic bats. The brand upturns every stone when it comes to manufacturing the most appealing products. Explore an incredible variety of cricket bats with the great firm- Kookaburra Sport. This brand also remains the most prioritized one among professionals as it curates flawless bats that facilitate an easy playing interface.


BAS is yet another classic brand that furnishes extraordinary quality bats. One can unwrap the most versatile handcrafted bats and other accessories only at the stores of BAS. The brand is known for its remarkable services in the arena of cricket products. BAS’s tangible bats can win any player’s interest as they provide excellent finish and utmost flexibility during the game. They make the playing experience a lot more sorted for the players by delivering them great flexibility, hold, and grip. BAS is home to the superb quality of English willow bats. Your search for perfect bats ends here at the stores of BAS. The weight and height of the bats produced by BAS are balanced so that the player can make excellent knocks. Unleash the supreme quality of batting with BAS bats.

Gunn and Moore

Gunn and Moore are the most recommended and preferred cricket brands in the realm of cricket. The brand has its headquarters in England and remains the top choice among the prominent players in the cricket arena. Gunn and Moore are often known as GM. It is immensely eminent for manufacturing high-quality bats, gloves, shoes, bags, protective equipment, and other related accessories. Players trust GM for its impeccable quality and durable products. The tailoring of bats of this brand takes place with the utmost accuracy and precision. They consist of a perfect amalgam of an excellent finish and superb balance. This brand culminates 130 years of expertise and produces splendid and reliable batting products and exports them worldwide. However, the bats come at competitive prices, which makes it great for casual players too.

Spartan Sports

Spartan sports leaves no room for laxity when it comes to creating cricket bats of top-notch quality. An international brand that has paved its way by proving its excellence in manufacturing cricket accessories. The brand covers it all, from English senior willow bats, Kashmir willow bats to English willow junior bats. The bats are quite smart and sturdy in appearance, and they possess excellent quality material. Their lightweight and smooth textures make them even more popular among players and cricket enthusiasts. Spartan bats have earmarked their position among the top-rated brands as top cricketers use them. From the legend MS Dhoni to the terrific Chris Gayle, everyone prefers Spartan bats for their supreme consistency and quality.

New Balance

New Balance is a brand that raises the standards of cricket bat production with its every new launch. The brand is quite known for its efficiency and supremacy when it comes to the production of bats. New Balance cricket bats are famous for their various traits. They contain top-quality wood, which increases their longevity. Bats are exquisite and sporty in look, which captivates the interests of players and beholders. These bats incorporate the touch of excellent finish and lightweight quality, which raises the prominence to a whole new extent.


Gray-Nicolls is a known and celebrated name in the realm of cricket. The brand produces a diverse range of incredible English willow bats. Gray-Nicolls has its hubs in the UK and Australia. The batting accessories of this brand remain popular among professional and amateur players. The bats impart a flexible experience while playing and stays durable for a pretty long time. Powerbow and Prestige range of Gray Nicolls brands are the most famous ones. One more gleaming feature of this brand’s bats is its competitive prices, making it great for casual players.


PUMA is a terrific brand in the direction of cricket bats. The brand remains a desirable choice among professional players. The bats are extraordinary in the parameters of price, quality, and durability. PUMA is an established sports brand that fabricates excellent products and accessories, and its cricket bats are quite phenomenal. The extraordinary grip, exceptional finish, and supreme outlook make the PUMA bats unique. Thick edges and lightweight compositions of the bats are two more features of these brands. One can experience vigor, quality, and great knocks with the usage of PUMA cricket bats. The brand acquires a glorified position in the area of cricket accessories as it delivers unparalleled services.

These were some of the most popular cricket bat brands. They are the pioneers of excellent quality bats and accessories, which facilitates the sport’s smooth progression. Explore these brands whenever you want to purchase cricket bats. These brands cater to excellent quality by the production of outstanding bats. Unveil sheer quality and classic performance of the cricket bats of these leading brands. They are the cricket industry’s backbone because they glorify the realm of cricket by supplying stupendous cricket bats and other accessories.




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