Cricket Movies In Telugu I Watch Telugu Cricket Movies

Cricket Movies In Telugu I Watch Telugu Cricket Movies

Unrealistic action aren’t what Telugu movies all about. They too have emotional and aesthetic appeal in a huge majority of them. Cricket too is a subject that the industry has thoroughly covered with the movies that we are about to discuss.

List Of Cricket Movies In Telugu

1. Jersey

A father who was once a cricketer goes on to play the sport again in his late 30s to ensure that he can gift his jersey to his son as a gift. The reason, he wants to ensure that his son’s wish can come true.

2. Dear Comrade

While in most movies, it is about the life of a guy cricketer and his personal life, in Dear Comrade, things are quite the other way around. There is a woman cricketer who has fallen in love with a guy with anger issues. This creates issues in their relationship and the movie revolves around that aspect.

3. Dhoni

Like any other Indian parent, Kartik’s father wants him to pursue higher education (MBA in this case) while Kartik wants to become like Dhoni. Will he be able to pursue what he likes or will he end up in an IIM?

4. Appatlo Okadundevadu

Somewhat of a dark tale, it involves an aspiring cricketer getting his dreams of representing destroyed as a result of being on the bad books of a police officer. But he takes a different path and explores the world of crime (which isn’t recommended to anyone reading this).


We hope that these plots have motivated to appreciate what industries in local languages. That is how we can ensure that we don’t simply mock people based on our preconceived notions.

Do let us know movies in your mother tongue related to cricket that others too can watch and enjoy and perhaps even appreciate as they should.





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