Cricket Warm Up Exercises I Warm Up Exercises For Cricket

Cricket Warm Up Exercises I Warm Up Exercises For Cricket

Cricket Warm-Up Exercises

Cricket is an exciting and worldwide loved game. Nonetheless, it is one of the most agile sports too. The long sessions of cricket can create extreme fatigue and tiredness in players. There are some vital cricket warm-up exercises that are fundamental before the game to boost more skillfulness.

  • Walking

Walking is quite an essential exercise before heading on the pitch. It increases blood circulation in the body leading to more endurance. Cricket can last for prolonged hours; a good walking session works like a wonder before the match.

  • Jogging

Jogging is also a very effective warm-up exercise before cricket. It helps in improving heartbeat and bestow calibre to continue playing for long hours. It is one of the crucial cardinal exercises which players practice before the game.

  • Lunges

Lunges before cricket expand muscle activity. It tones the body and gives the stamina to play the matches with more vigour. The improvement of muscle joints boosts smooth activity. Muscle strengthening is quite pivotal before playing because it will add more stability during playing hours. Lunges promote muscle mass and reinforce athletic undertakings.

  • Bending back

Bending back is quite an integral exercise before playing. It helps in alleviating back and leg muscles. A player can devote to the game with more flexibility and ease by bend back workouts.

  • Stretching sessions

Stretching is very important before beginning the game. Hamstring and shoulder stretches are the two most essential stretches which work like magic. These stretches are to release the tension from muscles making them more vigilant and energetic.

These warm-up exercises are very important before playing the game. They will increase the performance, calibre and strength of the players. Cricket is the most loved game in India and across the globe. Our favourite players resort to these warm-up exercises before playing cricket, adding more of their input on the game.





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