Unfortunate Cricketers Who Died Young I Cricketfile

Unfortunate Cricketers Who Died Young I Cricketfile


Most cricketers like Don Bradman have gone on to live a long life (he passed away at the age of 92). But there were a few whom we lost way too soon. This article is a tribute to the unfortunate cricketers who died young. We will also share their contribution to the game.

Cricketers Who Died Too Young

1. Phillip Hughes

Perhaps one of the most infamous cases as he died because of a bouncer at the age of 25. His death resulted in manufacturing companies of cricket helmets making changes to their design so that the sport could be safer.

He had a lot of cricketing years left in him. But sadly, that deadly bouncer sent him into a coma and later became the cause of his death. Many paid their respects and tributes and his jersey number 64 was also retired as a mark of remembrance. His performance in domestic as well as international formats is commendable and impressive.

2. Malcolm Marshall

While he did retire from international cricket before he passed away, he was a coach when in 1999 he found out that he had colon cancer. He died because of the same just at the age of 41. In just 81 test cricket matches, he took 376 wickets and is also known as the greatest fast bowler of modern test cricket.

He is one of the many cricketers who are rarely talked about today but made a dent in the cricketing universe. Nevertheless, he had an insane amount of potential with respect to becoming one of the best possible fast bowling coaches given his track record.

3. Hansie Cronje

His death is perhaps the only one that has generated conspiracy theories. As many of you might be knowing, Hansie’s involvement in a fixing scandal resulted in him being banned for life.

Some allege that he knew too much and hence was silenced before he could share some more names with the authorities. However, he died in a plane crash at the age of just 32. Despite his involvement in the scandal, he is considered one of the greatest South African cricketers of all time.


You might not have even known about a few of them but many were really talented cricketers. Regardless, what they did has been immortalized by their deeds. There is another life lesson too which we all can learn from this. Life is quite unpredictable and hence we should always try to give our best at whatever we do and be grateful for what we have. May the souls of these cricketers who died young rest in peace.




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