Who Is Bahubali Of Cricket?

Who Is Bahubali Of Cricket? I Can You Guess Who Is It?

Bahubali: A Cult Classic Of Recent Times

The two-part movie series changed the way people look at Indian cinema. The special effects proved that India too had the capacity to make and create movies that could rival their western counterparts.

The main character of the movie, Bahubali, is someone whom all the good people rely upon in the storyline. When we talk about who is Bahubali of cricket, we talk about this quality and many more like the ability to fight for what is right and never fail the people who believe in him.

MS Dhoni | Bahubali Of Cricket

His career in the Indian cricket team has been nothing short of a spectacular one. His calmness and the ability to make the right decisions while on the ground in sticky situations are also the qualities that have earned him this title.

Another point we would like to point out is that just like Bahubali is loved all throughout India, MSD is too. There is no conflict of his identity or the language he speaks. This union also makes the allegory a solid one.

Though there is a point where he might not match the actual storyline. Bahubali was betrayed and then his son went on to take his father’s revenge. This as you might have guessed isn’t going to be the case with MS Dhoni.

Highlights Of MSD’s Career

From winning the first-ever T20I World Cup to firing the spectacular six in Wankhede to help us lift the ODI World Cup for 2nd time. His career has a limitless amount of highlights.

We would also like you to check out his 183* runs innings that he played against the Lankans in Jaipur. Hopefully, MSD will play for CSK for a few more IPL seasons.





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