Cricketers With Beard | Who Are They? I Cricketfile

Cricketers With Beard | Who Are They? I Cricketfile


Beard is a vital aspect of their look for many people and cricketers aren’t any exception. Some of them have had it since the inception of their career while others chose to go ahead with it later in their career. Nevertheless, here is a list of cricketers with beard.

List of cricketers with beard

1. Virat Kohli

If we talk about bearded cricketers, Virat Kohli is the name that comes first in the minds of most people. Yes, he didn’t have the kind of beard that he has now initially but now, many consider him to be a style icon.

Given his solid performance as a cricketer and a solid fan following, the style of his beard makes him a better option for brands as a promoter.

2. Hashim Amla

His bearded look has almost been permanent throughout his career (2004 – 2019). Besides representing South Africa, he has also played in Mzansi league, English county cricket, IPL and BPL.

Interestingly, his ancestral roots are in Surat, Gujarat and his brother too is a cricketer. A possible reason for him having his beard is because he follows his Muslim faith rigorously.

3. Anton Devcich

He has representing the Kiwi team since 2013 and is a left-handed batsman. Anton has also played in T20 leagues like the Big Bash and CPL. Though Anton hasn’t played that many matches (12 ODIs and 4 T20Is) for his national team, he has been playing domestic cricket from 2005.

4. Ravindra Jadeja

Who doesn’t know about Jaddu’s sword fighting way of celebrating with the bat on the ground. Hailing from Jamnagar, he is one of the best all-rounders India has seen to date. Taking crucial wickets and fierce batting are what he is well-known for. His beard too like Kohli’s is all about style.

5. Kane Williamson

Another player from New Zealand in the list, Kane is also the number one test batsman in the world right now. His average is the test format currently stands at 54.31 runs per inning. He also led New Zealand in the 2019 ICC cricket World Cup.

6. Dinesh Karthik

Wicketkeeper batsman from Tamil Nadu, he has represented a lot of IPL teams in the tournament to date. While his test and T20I career were somewhat limited, he played close to a 100 ODIs. As of now, he is the KKR’s vice-captain. DK’s beard though short, is a stylish one.

7. Moeen Ali

An English player whose grandfather hailed from Mirpur, POK. It is likely that he keeps his beard due to religious reasons. Many of his relatives are also cricketers. An off-break bowler, Moeen stands 6 feet tall.


Beard isn’t something that might affect a player’s performance but it more about aesthetics or for some, it is about religion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who has best beard in cricket?

Virat Kohli without a doubt has the best beard in cricket. A perfect combination of beard style and its impact on his looks makes it the best.

Why do so many Indian cricketers have beards?

While everyone has his reason for having a beard, there are a few intended or unintended benefits.
Enhances looks
Protects from sunburns
Is a style statement
The question was asked by Rishi Kapoor once as well.

What is break the beard challenge?

Break the beard challenge involves shaving off your beard and uploading the result on social media websites in the form of short selfie videos.

Why Dinesh Karthik cut his beard?

Caribbean hitter Kieron Pollard challenged him to take the break the beard challenge which he accepted and shaved his beard off.

Who started break the beard?

Ravindra Jadeja started the break the beard challenge.






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