MS Dhoni Vs Parthiv Patel Comparison I Cricketfile

MS Dhoni Vs Parthiv Patel Comparison I Cricketfile

MS Dhoni Vs Parthiv Patel comparison will take you through their wicketkeeping and batting statistics in various formats and leagues. Doing this will help us analyse them both as players properly. But first, let’s have a quick introduction of them both.



  MS Dhoni Parthiv Patel
Date of Birth 7th July 1981, Ranchi 9th March 1985, Bhavnagar
State Bihar, Now Jharkhand* Gujarat
Age 39 36
Father / Mother Pan Singh Ajay Patel
Siblings Narendra, Jayanti Kinjal
Nickname Mahi, Captain Cool, MSD Chotu
Wife Sakshi Rawat Avni Zaveri
Children Ziva Venika
Domestic Team Bihar, Jharkhand Gujarat
Career Span (Representing India) 2004 – 2019 2002 – 2018
IPL Team(s) RPS and CSK MI, RCB, SRH, DC, KTK and CSK
Movie(s) Related to Them His struggles of becoming what he went on to become are chronicled in MS Dhoni: The Untold Story where his character was played by late Sushant Singh Rajput. Parthiv did appear in Mujhse Shaadi Karogi as himself with several other cricketers. Another point to note is that they have now retired from international cricket.

*(It should be also noted that Jharkhand as it is today, was created in 2000. Before that, the region used to part of the present-day Bihar state. Ranchi, which is also the home town of MSD, is the capital city of Jharkhand.)

Both hail from middle class backgrounds like many Indian cricketers and the sport help them become icons amongst millions of Indians.

MS Dhoni Vs Parthiv Patel Wicketkeeping Stats


  MS Dhoni Parthiv Patel
Stumpings 38 10
Catches 256 62


  MS Dhoni Parthiv Patel
Stumpings 123 9
Catches 321 30


  MS Dhoni Parthiv Patel
Stumpings 34 0
Catches 57 1


  MS Dhoni Parthiv Patel
Stumpings 39 16
Catches 118 69

MS Dhoni Vs Parthiv Patel ODI Batting Comparison

  MS Dhoni Parthiv Patel
Debut 23rd December 2004 (Vs Bangladesh) 4th January 2002 (Vs New Zealand)
Matches Played 350 38
Runs 10773 736
Average 50.53 23.74
Top Score 183* 95
Centuries / Half-centuries 10 / 73 0 / 0

MS Dhoni Vs Parthiv Patel Test Batting Comparison

  MS Dhoni Parthiv Patel
Debut 2nd December 2005 (Vs SL) 8th August 2002 (Vs ENG)
Matches Played 90 25
Runs 4876 934
Average 38.09 31.13
Top Score 224 71
Centuries / Half-centuries 33 / 6 0 / 6

Coincidentally, they have both scored an equal number of half-centuries.

MS Dhoni Vs Parthiv Patel T20 Batting Comparison

  MS Dhoni Parthiv Patel
Debut 1st December 2005 (Vs SA) 4th June 2011 (Vs WI)
Matches Played 98 2
Runs 1617 36
Average 37.6 18.00
Top Score 56 26
Centuries / Half-centuries 0 / 2 0 / 0

Parthiv’s T20I lasted for just a couple of matches. What might surprise you even more is that MSD has managed to make just 2 half-centuries. But the catch here is, that his average is still 37.6. That means his performance was consistent and uniform.


MS Dhoni Vs Parthiv Patel IPL Batting Stats Compared

  MS Dhoni Parthiv Patel
Matches Played 211 139
Runs 4669 2848
Average 40.2 22.6
Top Score 84* 81
Centuries / Half-centuries 0 / 23 0 / 13

Though in terms of average Parthiv is just half of MSD, still they both have an almost equal high score. Nevertheless, in terms of consistency, it seems Maahi is way ahead of him. Nevertheless, Patel’s IPL career has been prolific too.


MS Dhoni Vs Parthiv Patel First Class Cricket Batting Performance

  MS Dhoni Parthiv Patel
Matches Played 131 194
Runs 7054 11240
Average 36.9 43.4
Top Score 224 206
Centuries / Half-centuries 9 / 47 27 / 62

This table shows us how Parthiv’s performance trumps over MS Dhoni in first-class cricket. While we do agree that the number of matches aren’t comparable. So, the question which many of you might have in your mind is why wasn’t Parthiv able to do that well in test cricket?


There can be a plethora of reasons for it including not given some more chances to prove himself. His average there wasn’t that bad either. Whether this is a significant reason or not when it comes to test cricket or not is debatable but it does seem to be the case in his T20I career which was limited to just 2 matches.


Other Reasons for Parthiv Not Playing More Number of Matches

Other issues why he couldn’t play significant number of matches was that as a wicketkeeper, there was only position available and since MSD was performing better as a wicketkeeper-batsman and was fitter, he was chosen over Patel.

Nevertheless, this can be true in T20I and ODI format. But in test cricket, the dynamics could have been in Patel’s favour. As you saw earlier, he performed better in first-class cricket than MSD. But the catch here is again wicketkeeping. Dhoni to date is considered as one of the best wicketkeepers in the world.


If Parthiv was just a batsman, maybe he would have been given some more chances to prove himself. Yes, we agree that playing at international level is way different that domestic cricket but his average in the matches that he played in Test cricket was decent.


From the selectors’ point of view, it must have been a catch-22 situation. Not just that, there was contest between Dinesh Karthik and Parthiv Patel related to the position of alternative wicketkeeper in the team.

In that, Dinesh Karthik managed to play a greater number of ODI and T20I matches. Though both played an almost equal amount of test cricket.


This MS Dhoni Vs Parthiv Patel comparison has shown us that while Patel’s international career involved him playing fewer number of matches, he has shown that he has proved himself in IPL and first-class cricket when given a chance.

Many judge these comparisons as to be ‘unfair’ or ‘unnecessary’ but the insight they give us into their performance is immense and vital to understand things better.





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