Comparing IPL Vs PSL Vs BPL Side By Side I Cricketfile

Comparing IPL Vs PSL Vs BPL Side By Side I Cricketfile

Why compare IPL Vs PSL Vs BPL?

Yes, comparison between two leagues is the way to go but the specialty of these 3 leagues is that they are held in countries where cricket is immensely popular. India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh also constitute what is referred to as the Indian subcontinent. We will be comparing IPL Vs PSL Vs BPL.

IPL Vs PSL Vs BPL Tabular Comparison

Comparison on Topics IPL PSL BPL
Country of Origin India Pakistan Bangladesh
Number of Teams 8 6 7
Year Started 2008 2016 2012
Match Fixing Scandal(s) Yes Yes Yes
Most Successful Team Mumbai Indians Islamabad United Dhaka Gladiators
Teams Named After 6 (cities) + 2 (states) 6 (cities) 7 (cities)
Winner of 1st edition Rajasthan Royals Islamabad United Dhaka Gladiators
Administrator BCCI PCB BCB
League Type T20 T20 T20
Notable Player Rohit Sharma Babar Azam Shakib Al Hasan
Least Successful Team (percentage of matches won) Not RCB



Delhi Capitals

Lahore Qalandars Sylhet Thunder


  • Virat Kohli has scored the highest runs in IPL to date but RCB is yet to win a title.
  • All leagues had a minimum of 1 incident of match-fixing,
  • RCB being the most unsuccessful team is a myth. (It isn’t like they don’t have the potential to be so.
  • BPL started before PSL.


We hope that this comparison of IPL Vs PSL Vs BPL has helped you understand how these leagues differ and how they are similar. Nevertheless, do enjoy them if you want as, after all, T20 cricket is interesting irrespective of what teams are playing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which league is best for IPL, PSL, and BPL?

All have popularised cricket but in terms of the number of average viewers per match, IPL is the best.

Which league started the first of the three?


How many teams play in IPL?


How many teams play in PSL?


How many teams play in BPL?

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