Duleep Trophy

Duleep Trophy

Duleep trophy is an incredible cricket competition played in India. In this cricket event, three or more teams take part and compete to win the glorious award. The game pursues first-class cricket format, and the tournament runs on a knockout basis.

Duleep Trophy is one of the most exhilarating cricket tournaments in India. In this game, different geographical areas of India undergo a cut-throat competition. It encompasses four zones of India- West zone, east zone, south and north zone.

The competition is named the Duleep trophy in honour of Kumar Shri Duleepsinjhi. Wasim Jaffer has amassed the most number of runs in this game, and Narendra Hirwani has cracked the most number of wickets.

Duleep Trophy

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The teams of this game are chosen directly by BCCI selectors and organizers. In the avenues of the Duleep trophy, north and west zones have been the most promising ones as they have secured 18 successful titles.

It is a renowned tournament in India as it connects different areas of the country. It follows a typical format of round-robin matches, and then finals take place. The game exuberates the vibes of interconnection, harmony, and brotherhood.

The medium of the Duleep trophy serves as a distinguished platform to bring different aspects of Indian territories under one umbrella. Many outstanding teams are a part of this cricket tournament.

They are- India A cricket team, India blue, India green, central zone cricket team, north zone cricket team, south zone cricket team, east zone cricket team, and west zone cricket team.

India is a vast country, and its geographical locations are quite diverse and intriguing. Tournaments such as the Duleep trophy adjoin different prospects of India’s territories.

It is one of the fascinating cricket tournaments in India. It highlights the hidden talents of youth in the spectrum of cricket. The concept of this tournament is quite eminent across India.

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