Vijay Hazare Trophy

Why Vijay Hazare Trophy Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Vijay Hazare trophy is the other name for the grand Ranji one-day trophy. It is one of India’s glorious games as it showcases the immense talent of Indian youth in cricket. The game is named after Vijay Hazare, the most celebrated and honorable cricketer in Indian cricket history.

This cricket tournament celebrates his glory and mighty whack in the spectrum of cricket. The format of this game has listed A cricket. The design of the tournament affirms the concept of round-robin and playoff matches.

The cord of administration and control of the tournament is in the hands of the organization of the board of control for cricket. However, many teams take part in this incredible game and fight for amassing the glorious Vijay Hazare trophy.

Vijay Hazare Trophy

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A total of 38 units are presently a part of this fantastic game. But, Tamil Nadu currently is the most excellent team in the realm of Vijay Hazare trophy. Because this team has showcased its splendour five times in the area of this game. Vijay Hazare trophy is more prominently known as the Ranji trophy.

It is an eminent cricket tournament in India that urges the conscience and enthusiasm of Indians. The young players demonstrate their talents in Ranji awards and gain momentum in the Indian national cricket team.

It embarks its name as one of the flourishing domestic cricket tournaments. It opens new avenues and prospects for the prosperity of the game. Almost all the central states of India take part in this game.

Some of the most prominent teams in the Vijay Hazare trophy spectrum are- Bihar cricket team, Mumbai cricket team, Tamil Nadu cricket team, Karnataka cricket team, Delhi cricket team, and Jharkhand cricket team.

A country as diverse as India needs cricket tournaments such as the Ranji trophy to glorify brotherhood and sportsmanship.

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