Groin Injury in Cricket

Groin Injury in Cricket I It’s Symptoms and Causes I

Groin Injury in Cricket

Cricketers extensively use hip-abductor muscles while batting, bowling, fielding, or leaping. These hip abductor muscles are connected to the groin and hip controlling the movement of the thigh towards the central part of the body.

Hip-abductor muscles stabilize the hip during sports activities. While performing extensive activities in Cricket players can unintentionally injure the abductor muscle by tearing or pulling the groin strain (tendon). It can also incur hip bone fracture.

Recently, Australian Cricketer David Warner has to undergo for medical scans after suffering a severe groin injury. While playing against India in One Day International (ODI) 2020.

Groin Injury in Cricket

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Groin Injury Symptoms 

Sometimes, accidentally cricketers stop moving immediately or feel a sudden striking pain in the groin region which happens due to the overstretching of groin muscle. The groin area will be first sore to touch but eventually swell with inflammation.

Groin Injury Causes

There are various reasons that cause Groin Injury in cricketers that are:

  • Overstretching or overuse of the muscles
  • No proper warming up before the beginning of a cricket match.
  • Muscles can get stiff due to dehydration and poor nutrition.
  • Insufficient rest between the cricket sessions.
  • Weak Exercising Techniques
  • Sudden forceful moments such as jumping for catching the ball or hitting the ball forcefully.

Groin Injury Medical Treatment

Steps to reduce the pain caused by agroin injury in cricketers are:

    • Cricketers should immediately rest and apply ice to the stretched groin muscle.
    • Negligence is prohibited, cricketer shall stop playing immediately.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs or gels and Therapeutic massage can help reduce the pain and bruising.
  • Consultation of a medical doctor is a must if the injury is severe. Doctors can determine the extent of the pull or any tear to the tendon.
Groin Injury Prevention

Since prevention is better than cure, cricketers are advised by medical consultants to follow the below-mentioned steps to avoid groin injury while playing cricket sessions:

  • Proper Warming-up before or during cricket.
  • Consuming recommended diet and enough fluids.
  • Groin muscle strengthening exercises such as inward leg presses, hamstring stretches, wearing protection gears for the groin.
  • Sufficient rests.




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