How to Play Book Cricket?

How to Play Book Cricket? I An Indoor Cricket Game I

The traditional version of “cricket” is the “Book Cricket,” which is played indoors. 

How to Play Book Cricket?

It is quite popular in some Asian countries. Not only does it gives the liberty to choose the number of players but also, it doesn’t require as many accessories as needed for playing the game outdoors.

“Book Cricket” is the simulation of outdoor crickets and thus, it is as exciting and as fun as conventional cricket.

How to Play Book Cricket?

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A sneak peek into this traditional variant of the game is as follows:

Accessories required in Book Cricket:

  1. A book with lots and lots of pages
  2. A pen and paper
  3. A minimum of two players who are willing to experience some fun

Book Cricket Rules:

  1. There has to be a minimum of two players playing the game. However, there is no bar for the maximum number of players. If there is an odd number of players, the last player will be the common player of both teams. 
  2. If a player gets zero as the last digit, he will be out of the game. But, if a person gets an eight, it will be a no-ball and the player will get another chance.
  3. To decide who will bat first, one member from each team flips the pages, the one who gets the highest number wins the toss.

How to Play Book Cricket?

The game is easy to play and has no certain structure and thus can be played with any number of players.

The team that chooses to bat first holds the book and flips the pages from the backside. The even unit digit of the page number such as 2, 6, 8 is then noted on a separate page and that becomes the number of runs the player scored. The inning continues until one gets a 0. This means that the player is out and then the total runs by the players will be counted. The team with most of the runs is to be the winner of the game.

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