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How to play hand cricket? I Hand Cricket I Cricketfile

How to play hand cricket? I Hand Cricket I Cricketfile

How to play hand cricket? Hand cricket is a very prominent recreation activity. It rejuvenates the people involved in it to the core. Hand cricket is quite a simple game; it does not require any sophisticated arrangement or tool.

How to play hand cricket

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Let’s unravel how to play hand cricket –

  • First, there is a toss. Both players choose either odd and even. Let’s suppose you choose even and your opponent opts odd. Then you throw your fingers, showcasing specific numbers. If that equals an even number, you win the toss and vice versa.
  • Let’s suppose you won the toss, and you chose to bat. Now, you and your friend will throw fingers as we do in rock, paper, and scissors games.
  • The movement of fingers scores runs. For scoring 1, you need to throw your fingers, making an extension of the index finger. For obtaining 2, make scissors sign. And For 3, show only middle, ring, and little fingers extended. For acquiring 4, sum up your index finger to three. Throw paper signs for 5 and clench your fist with only a thumb extension for obtaining 6.
  • In the game, both persons involved throw fingers using the above-indicated rules. For an illustration- If you make finger movements for five and bowler for four, you get five. It is how the game keeps on moving.
  • Although the game can extend for a prolonged duration. There are designated rules for obtaining wickets in hand cricket. A person gets out if both parties make similar signs. If you throw fingers for six and so does your friend then you get out. The score terminates at that point, and the other person gets the opportunity to bat and make scores.

It is all about how we play hand cricket. This game is undoubtedly quite a refreshing and entertaining sport. One can rely on it to have a fun session and kick out monotony.




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