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So, as the date of the first match is coming closer, the enthusiasm and excitement of the fans are reaching new heights daily. The IPL 2021 Theme Song is “India Ka Apna Mantra” and the video can be watched on YouTube for those who wish to enjoy it. Star Sports also tweeted about it on their official Twitter handle.

The video of the IPL 2021 Theme Song shows us how the country is growing at a rapid rate like never before and tries to send a message that we are growing as a country in terms of economic and overall development. For Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli fans, the video is a special treat since both of them can be seen in it.

India Ka Apna Mantra Meaning

The message that India Ka Apna Mantra wants to convey is quite impressive. Moving ahead into the era of development and progress should be the norm and those who have seen the video might know this as well.

Being nostalgic about the past shouldn’t be the norm is another subtle hint that one might have picked up.

IPL 2021 Theme Song

Why India Is Excited About IPL 2021?

Indian cricket fans are excited this year because IPL 2020 was held in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) due to the coronavirus pandemic and they couldn’t enjoy the matches while being in the stadium. Also, before the tour of England started, the Indian players were playing on foreign soil for months.

Now, cricket has returned to India and viewers are looking forward to this year’s IPL. Hopefully, things will all go well and the IPL 2021 will be conducted successfully.

Previous IPL Theme Songs

We would like to tell you a bit about some of the past IPL theme songs that were there in previous seasons. You can enjoy them all on YouTube and refresh some of your old IPL memories.

IPL Season Song Name
2008 Tu Laga Dum
2009 Divided By Nations / United By IPL
2010 Saare Jahan Se Achha
2011 Dum Laga Ke Maara
2012 Aisa Mauka Fir Kaha Milega
2013 Jumping Japang
2014 Bulawa Aaya Hai
2015 India Ka Tyohaar
2016 Happy Wala India
2017 Waah Re waah
2018 Best Vs Best
2019 Game Banayega Name
2020 Ab Khel Bolega

IPL 2021 Theme Song Review

The song is cringe without a doubt. Starts with a teacher asking a student about the mantra of success and then scolds him for saying something cliché at time of 5G. Nevertheless, a positive message that can be interpreted is that India is indeed growing like never before thanks to technology and business friendly policies that have led to the Jio Revolution.

The stars of IPL are also featured in the end of the video but as you may have guessed, they couldn’t dance well as they are not a professional dancers. 

IPL 2021 Anthem Video

Lyrics Of IPL 2021 Theme Song 

Jhony Jhony Making Jalebi
Old School’s Chacha’s Modern Baby

Beta… Jalebi Khaayega?
Nahi Nahi… Thank You Papa
9 to 5 ki Job Farebi
Vibes Hain Kuch Crazy

Yeh Apna Swag Tantra Hai
India Ka Apna Mantra Hai
Yeh Apna Swag Tantra Hai
India Ka Apna Mantra

Heat Me Dheeth Hai
Full On Speed Hai
Jeet Ki Beat Hai
Patience Chhod
Passion Se Chaayenge
Machcha, Hum Thodi Na Baaz Aayenge

Yeh Apna Swag Tantra Hai
India Ka Apna Mantra Hai
Yeh Apna Swag Tantra Hai
India Ka Apna Mantra

Safety Net Se Kood Ke
Risk Ke Maze Thode Loot Ke
Keshu Dhekhhhh….
Apna Mantra Sabko Sikhaayenge

Sher Ko Chitha Karke
GOAT Kehlaayenge
Goat..? Bakri..?

Yeh Apna Swag Tantra Hai
India Ka Apna Mantra Hai
Yeh Apna Swag Tantra Hai
India Ka Apna Mantra

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which IPL team has the best theme song?

Mumbai Indians without a doubt has the best theme song of all the IPL teams. Those who follow IPL know the ‘Duniya Hila Denge Ham’ song very well.

Who made IPL tune?

The IPL trumpet tune is a traditional Spanish tune that can be heard if one goes to watch bullfighting in Spain.

What is the trumpet tune played at cricket matches?

The trumpet tune that is played in IPL matches is a Spanish bullfighting tune that became hugely popular amongst IPL fans.

What was the release date of ipl 2021 theme song?

23rd March 2021

Who made IPL theme?

Star Sports Network

How many teams playing in the IPL 2021 have an anthem song?

All 8 teams in IPL 2021 have their own anthem.



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