Lowest Score in Test Cricket

Lowest Score in Test Cricket I Lowest Test Cricket Score

Which team scored the Lowest Score in Test Cricket History?

The lowest score in test cricket history is just 26 runs! This happened in the second innings of the New Zealand Cricket Team in a test which they were playing against the English. In this innings, only one batsman managed to score more than 10 runs! (Bert Sutcliffe, 11 runs).

Lowest Score in Test Cricket

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You would be absolutely surprised to know that 5 players of the New Zealand Cricket Team could not even score even a single run! (Johnny Hayes, Alex Moir, Ian Colquhoun, Tony MacGibbon and Matt Poore were the five players).

While other three batsman contributed 1 run each (Noel McGregor, John Reid, and Gordon Leggat). And would you like to know how many overs it took for the Kiwis to score such a low score?


It took them 27 whole overs! Which implies that they scored these runs at a run rate of just 0.96 runs per over!

If we talk about boundaries and sixes, then the entire team managed to score just 1 boundary (smashed by Harry Cave).

The English bowlers also made some really impressive records. Johnny Wardle bowled 5 overs without given a SINGLE run!!! And on top of that, he even managed to take a wicket!

Brian Statham bowled 9 overs out of which 3 were maiden. In total, he gave away just 9 runs with an economy rate of just 1.00!

As for the match, the Kiwis had won the toss and had decided to bat first. While batting first, they managed to put up a decent total of 200 runs. In response to this, the England scored 246 runs. What happened in the second innings of the Kiwis, we have explained above.

As a result, the England Cricket Team won by an innings and 20 runs. This was indeed an historic defeat for the Kiwis in international test cricket till date.





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