Hardik And Kunal Pandya's Father Passes Away

Hardik And Kunal Pandya’s Father Passes Away I Sad News I

Sad news came in today morning as Hardik And Kunal Pandya‘s Father Passes Away. Shree Himanshu Pandya passed away due to a cardiac arrest (heart attack).

Hardik And Kunal Pandya’s Father Passes Away. While Krunal Pandya was part of the Baroda squadHardik Pandya was at his home when this tragedy struck. Krunal decided to leave his team’s bio-secured bubble as soon as he had heard the news. Many other Indian cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, KL Rahul, Yuvaraj Singh, and Virat Kohli tweeted their condolences to the bereaved Pandya family.

Hardik And Kunal Pandya's Father Passes Away

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Their father played a significant role in helping them what they are today. He even relocated from Surat to Vadodara so that the brothers could better cricket coaching at ex-Indian cricketer Kiran More’s cricket academy.

Krunal was also recently in the news for his alleged involvement with fellow Baroda cricketer Deepak Hooda who made an allegation that Krunal Pandya had abused him. Anyway, losing their father is a greater tragedy.

Himanshu Pandya once revealed that his decision to support his son’s cricketing career was questioned by many of their relatives back in the day. But he had decided to help his sons to become great cricketers.

The great thing is that both his sons made him proud while he was alive and well. Both are now well-established cricketers in the Indian cricketing circle. This was not the case with Virat Kohli, as his father passed away way before he achieved the peak of his success. 

Hopefully, Krunal and Hardik will keep performing well in the upcoming future. They have just started in the cricketing world and have a lot of cricket left in them. Both the brothers are also married and Hardik had a son last year.

We pray to almighty God to help the Pandya’s go through this difficult time. Hopefully, they will recover from it as soon as possible.




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