Rahul Dravid Has Anger Issues

Rahul Dravid Has Anger Issues | Advertisement I Cricketfile

IPL 2021

While IPL kicked off with the match between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore, an advertisement for a company named CRED surprised everyone. The reason was that fans were shocked by the way Dravid showed his unseen ‘angry’ side. An advertisement that shows Rahul Dravid has anger issues is trending.

The Advertisement Video: Rahul Dravid has anger issues

CRED basically allows you to pay your credit card bills and get points and cashbacks. It begins with Jim Sarbh talking about how getting CRED coins is akin to ‘Rahul Dravid having anger issues”.

The video then switches to Dravid who is seen stuck in a traffic jam allegedly in Bangalore. Those who have been to Bangalore might know about the dreaded traffic.

Dravid then is seen shouting, beating a car near him with a bat, besides saying a lot of things in a fit of ‘anger’. Overall, a great marketing tactic by CRED as it has the potential to ‘shock’ the audience.

Rahul Dravid Has Anger Issues

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What Rahul Dravid Said In The Video?

At the end of the ad video, Dravid is seen claiming to be Indiranagar’s Gunda. Gunda is the Hindi language essentially means a goon.

CRED’s creativity needs to be praised as they conveyed a lot of things in this video. Some of them are:

  • Even people like Rahul Dravid can get ‘angry’.
  • Bangalore traffic is truly horrible.
  • Using CRED can get you awesome rewards.
  • When it comes to video advertisement marketing, the scope is endless

Reaction On Social Media

As expected, social media platforms like Twitter did respond to the ad and perhaps this is what the makers wanted to get even more attention. The usual suspects, trolls, didn’t leave a single stone unturned while making memes and trolling…

Virat Kohli’s Response

Virat Kohli too was surprised and agreed on his Twitter handle that even he hadn’t seen this side of Rahul Dravid before. Whether it was an honest reaction or a paid tweet is something that we will never know.





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