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What Is Fake Fielding?

While most of the time any given match of cricket gets completed without a player doing something bizarre or against the rules, fake fielding is something that ICC has recently addressed via a newly added law 42.5

Fake Fielding Rule

The official law states if a given fielder tries to deliberately mislead a batsman while fielding, the umpire on the basis of his or her discretion can give five penalty runs.

How Can A Batsman Be Misled By A Fielder?

Take for example when a batsman plays a shot and the fielder after missing to take control of the ball, acts as if he is throwing it to the players at any of the stumps. This may sometimes seem to the batsman in question as if the fielder has actually made a throw and he or she might not choose to take an extra run or so. While this might sound trivial to some of you, in a way it is against the spirit of cricket that is otherwise known as Gentlemen’s Game.

Fake Fielding

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Types of Fake Fielding

1. Fake Run Out

Usually done to deter the batsman from taking another run, fake run out stays true to its name. But one must be a great ‘actor’ for doing so.

2. False Catch

As the name suggests, this involves the fielder confidentially claiming that he has caught the batsman’s catch while it isn’t the case. If this happens because of genuine ignorance on the fielder’s part, it is alright but if it is done knowingly, then it is against the very spirit of cricket.

3. The Super Acting

Doing dramatic gestures on the ground is quite uncommon but yes, there have been instances where the player in question has given out of the box reactions that has made everyone on the field and off the field wonder and sometimes laugh as well.

4. Desperate Drive

It is about the fielder making a gesture so that the batsman starts to think as if the bowl is about to get in the fielder’s hands. This might result in the batsman running extra fast or in worst cases, making a dive towards the other end.

5. Got the Ball

Got the ball too is somewhat similar but it is when a fielder other than those at the wickets acts as If they have received the ball in their hands.

6. Fake Stumping

A clever wicketkeeper has a chance of doing this by making the stumping look genuine while it is not. Then if he makes a strong appeal, it is possible that the on-field umpire might even consider the same.

Top 6 Events of Fake Fielding Video

Instances Where Player Was Penalized For Doing So

The first case of an international player getting penalized happened on 29th September 2017. When in an ODI match between Australia XI and Queensland. It was Marnus Labuschagne who got penalized for the first time after the law was enacted. There have other famous cases too like that of de Kock dismissing Fakhar Zaman.

Surprisingly, de Kock wasn’t penalized and there was huge outrage amongst cricket fans on social media websites like Twitter.

List Of Some Other Players Who Did Fake Fielding

  • Steven Mullaney
  • Kumar Sangakkara
  • Lewis McManus
  • MS Dhoni
  • Jonny Bairstow
  • Manish Pandey
  • Kane Richardson
  • Rohit Sharma

Our View

We believe that doing things like fake fielding is a grave offence and perhaps it would be better if the players who do it are banned for a match or so.

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