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Shortest Test Match Ever: Australia vs South Africa

In 1932, the South African were on a tour of Australia. The fifth test between both teams started on 12th February 1932. Little did the players knew that they were going to go down in the history books as those who played the shortest test match ever. The match got over In 109.2 Overs.


South Africa had won the toss and had decided to bat first. Little did they know about what was going to unfold in the match.

Shortest Test Match

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Overview of The Match

South Africa in their first innings scored just 36 runs. Their wickets fell like a house of cards and none of them managed to go beyond the score of 11 runs. Bert Ironmonger was the star Australian bowler who took 5 wickets while keeping his economy rate at 0.82.

The Australians in response didn’t fare well either but managed to score 153 runs. Jack Fingleton (40 runs) and Alan Kippax (42 runs). What followed next to this wasn’t short of a surprise. The South African managed to make just 45 runs!

If one of their openers Syd Curnow hadn’t contributed 16 runs, the situation would have been far worse for them. Four of their batsmen weren’t even able to score a single run! The Proteas lost the test by an innings and 72 runs. To date, this record is yet to broken. Who knows, maybe someday, it will be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q In which year was the shortest test match played?

Ans It was played in the year 1932.

Q  Which teams played in the shortest test match?

Ans South Africa and Australia

Q Who won the shortest test match?

Ans Australia

Q Where was the shortest test match played?

Ans Melbourne, Australia.





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