T20 International Cricket I Twenty 20 Cricket I Cricketfile

T20 International Cricket I Twenty 20 Cricket I Cricketfile

Introduction on T20 International Cricket

Did you know that the T20 format was originally conceptualized for domestic fans in various countries? Yes, it is true. But we all know how wildly popular it became throughout the commonwealth nations because of various domestic tournaments.

But, amidst their presence, the development and emergence of T20 international cricket has been forgotten. Let’s talk about that in detail besides other related details about it.


There were a few tournaments before T20 format went global that can be considered as the predecessors.

Cricket Max

Developed by Martin Crowe, Cricket Max allowed each team to bat for 10 overs. But wait, there was a catch, the size of the overs was changed from 6 balls to 8 balls.

Super 8s

This was an Australian attempt to make teams play matches with 8 players in each side.

First Ever Twenty 20 International Match

First T20I match was played on 17th February 2005 between Australia and New Zealand in Auckland. Some interesting things did happen though that day. While Australia managed to win the match by 44 runs, their skipper Ricky Ponting came close to making a century (98* runs).

While one might expect the scores to have been low given the limited number of overs, Australia put up a total of 214 runs.

Positive Effects

  • Increase In Popularity Of Cricket

Given the reduction in time of a cricket match getting over, more people found it easy to watch entire cricket matches without compromising their day or days in stadiums or at home.

  • Positive Economic Impact On Several Countries

For countries like India, the indirect impact of T20I cricket has been immense. This includes the economic impact. The huge marketing opportunities that such matches provide and unique.

  • Made The Sport More Interesting

While ODI and test format are great in themselves without a doubt, the possible oscillations in T20I format and the associated adrenaline rush appeals to young fans quite a lot.

  • Great Way Of Finding Young Talented Players

Since the matches for just 50 overs for each side, players have to give their best possible performance. Taking a chance on young players in T20I format before ODI and test cricket has led to many youngsters being discovered as great players.

Batsmen With 50+ Average In T20 International

There are only two batsmen who have their batting averages in Twenty-20 international cricket above 50. They are:

Top Individual Batting Scores In T20 International Cricket






AJ Finch 172 Australia Zimbabwe 3rd July 2018
H Zazai 162 Afghanistan Ireland 23rd February 2019
AJ Finch 156 Australia England 29th August 2013

Do check out our article on whether a double century is possible in T20 cricket or not (interlink).

Ease Of Doing Spot Fixing

Given the rapid changes that are possible in the format, T20I matches are particularly more susceptible to unfortunate tactics like match fixing by players and fixers alike.

Best Bowling Figures In T20 International






Man of The Match

DL Chahar 6 7 3.2 India Vs Bangladesh Yes
BAW Mendis 6 8 4.0 Sri Lanka Vs Zimbabwe Yes
BAW Mendis 6 16 4.0 Sri Lanka Vs Australia Yes
YS Chahal 6 25 4.0 India Vs England Yes
AC Agar 6 30 4.0 Australia Vs New Zealand Yes

Some points are clear after looking at the top 5 best bowling performance in this format at the international level though.

  • Beating DL Chahar’s record will be a challenge for bowlers given his precision and highly economical performance. This will obviously require a bowler to take either 7 wickets or to take 6 wickets with a better economy rate.
  • Everyone of these have secured the man of the match award that shows how important wicket taking is in T20 as it breaks the backbone of the opposing team.

Fastest Century In T20 International

Player Name David Miller
Team South Africa
Balls Taken 35
Against Bangladesh

This unique feat was achieved by David Miller on 29th October 2017 when he made 101* runs in 36 balls. During his innings, he hit 9 sixes and 7 fours with a phenomenal strike rate of 280.55. The Proteas ended up defeating the Bangladeshi team by 83 runs and Miller was awarded as the man of the match.

Rohit Sharma Also Achieved This Feat

On 22nd December 2017, Rohit Sharma too made a century in 35 balls against the Sri Lankan team. This involved him making 118 runs off 43 deliveries with the help of 12 fours and 10 sixes.

Comparing Them Both

While in terms of strike rate, Rohit seems to be lacking, but it would also be great if we take a look at the percentage contribution of fours and sixes and their combined one as well for getting a better idea about their ability as a T20 batsman.

David Miller Rohit Sharma
Runs 101 118
Runs With 4s 28 48
Runs With 6s 54 60
Percentage Runs Due To 4s 27.72 % 40.67 %
Percentage Runs Due To 6s 53.46 % 50.85 %
Percentage Runs Due To 4s and 6s 81.18 % 91.52 %

As we can see, Rohit scored more portion of his runs with the help of fours and sixes and the difference is all thanks to the greater proportion of boundaries secured by him.

Still it would be a challenge for someone to break this record of making the fastest 100 in T20I cricket.

Highest Individual Score In T20 International

Aaron Finch currently holds the record for the highest score as a batsman in T20I cricket. He made 172 runs in 76 balls before he was dismissed because of getting hit wicket against Zimbabwe on 3rd July 2018.

If we look at it, he came very close to hitting a double hundred in the format. Thanks to his performance, Aussies won the game by 100 runs while as expected, he was given the man of the match award.

When it comes to talking about some other batsman breaking this award, it is going to be difficult given the number of things that he would need in his favor.

Highest Team Score In T20 International

Surprisingly, the record in terms of team score in international twenty 20 cricket is currently with Afghanistan. They made 278 runs against the Irish on 23rd February 2019. While we discussed about Finch’s innings in the last section, this match also involved a batsman securing the second position in terms of individual scores in T20 cricket.

Hazratullah Zazai made 162* notches in 62 balls hitting 11 fours and 16 sixes and propelled the Afghan team towards a total that is considered a strong one even in ODI cricket.




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