Most Dangerous Team In IPL | IPL Most Dangerous Team

Most Dangerous Team In IPL | IPL Most Dangerous Team

Which is the most Dangerous Team in IPL?

Mumbai Indians. Yes, we know the suspense isn’t worth it. But, there will always be people who just became fans of IPL. To deduce why MI (as it is fondly referred to by most IPL fans) is called the most dangerous team in IPL (Indian Premier League), we need to look at their performance evolution over time.

MI’s Journey

The team struggled (yes, MI also had this phase) initially but later picked up momentum and made it into the finals of IPL 2010. There they defeated the Chennai Super Kings in 2013 to win the league who had won 2 titles before.

Interesting thing to note here is that MI had lost the 2010 final to CSK and not just that, 2013 was the 5th championship match for CSK then itself! Then, curiously, MI won alternate championships till 2019 and then again in 2020 to bring the total tally of their trophies to 5.

Total Domination Of MI In Recent Years

Given their track record of winning, they are indeed a team whose performance almost all fans of the Indian T20 league want to know about. If they keep winning more titles in the upcoming years, then it would be interesting to see if another team takes up the initiative to keep them in check.

Rohit Sharma Effect

Rohit Sharma has been leading the team since 2013 and it is under his leadership the team has won all its titles. There is a clear correlation of MI’s performance and his presence. His ability to take in young players and ensure that their potential gets developed to its maximum is something that many fans praise him for.

Message To RCB Fans

No, we don’t create those fancy and lame memes that you see on Twitter and the internet. If you believe that RCB is the best IPL team, more power to you. But keep the comments section of this post clean (no Rohit Sharma vada pav memes).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When did MI first reach in the finals?

MI reached the finals in 2010 to face the CSK.

When did MI win its first title?

MI did this in 2013 by defeating CSK by 23 runs.

How many titles has MI won under Rohit Sharma?

MI has won 5 titles under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma

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