Yusuf Pathan Announces Retirement

Yusuf Pathan Announces Retirement From Cricket I Cricketfile

Yusuf Pathan announces retirement From cricket. He released a statement on the social networking site Twitter with which he announced his retirement from all forms of cricket. While he played his last international match in 2012, he continued to play in the IPL. Now, let’s discuss what his online statement read.

Yusuf Pathan Announces Retirement

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Yusuf Pathan’s Statement

Yusuf Pathan announces retirement from cricket. He wrote that he still hadn’t forgotten the day when he got to wear the jersey of the Indian national team. He then talked about he made sure that he stood up to the hopes of his friends, family, coach, and the country. Pathan stated how cricket had played a vital role in his life since his childhood.

He then went on to talk about how today was different and how he had decided to retire from cricket as a game, and he wanted to end his innings. Pathan thanked the country, his friends, family, and coaches for their support. He hopes that they will keep encouraging him in the future as well.

Yousuf recalled how making Sachin Tendulkar sit on his shoulders and winning two cricket world cups for India. They were the most memorable moments from his cricketing career. He stated how he made his international debut under the leadership of MS Dhoni and IPL debut under the captaincy of Shane Warne.

As many might be expecting, he thanked his brother Irfan too for his support. Besides citing how he was a part of KKR when they won two IPL titles. He also especially thanked the BCCI and the BCA (Baroda Cricket Association).

What Next?

It isn’t easy to talk about how he is going to go forward from here. His fans are probably expecting him to become a coach. And groom young cricket players who want to play for the country in the future. Yusuf’s contribution to Indian cricket will forever be remembered.




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