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Weird Cricket Facts I Weird Facts About Cricket



When you think of cricket, India will always come to your mind. Whether you are an Indian native or not, the love for cricket in India overrides most things. Virtually everyone in India, including those who don’t like anything to do with sports, knows a thing or two about cricket. For this reason, you will find most people glued to their screens whenever there is a cricket tournament involving India and other cricket-playing countries. Today, we take you through the weird cricket facts that will knock you off your seats.

Weird Cricket Facts List

· Cricket and Olympics

You heard that right! Although over a century ago, cricket was part of the 1896 Olympics in Athens, Greece, and in 1900 in Paris, France.

· Khan Pataudi

It may come as a surprise, but Ali Khan Pataudi was a cricket player who played for England and India. Notice the similarities in the name Saif Ali Khan? Well, Pataudi is this cricketer’s grandfather.

· Sachin Tendulkar before India

Often referred to as the God of Cricket in India, he once played for Pakistan during the Indian and Pakistan match practice in 1987 at the Brabourne Stadium. He came in as a Pakistan’s fielder substitute.

· Legitimate 14-ball over

In 1946 during the British Guyana and Barbados match, the umpire made a mistake where the bowlers delivered six additional balls after the set 8-ball count overs, at the time.

· Leading in the Maiden Overs

The Indian Bapu Nadkarni is the top holder of successive maiden overs totaling 21 in a test match against England.

· Shane Warne vs Jayasuyira

In a total of 445 matches, Jayasuriya garnered 323 wickets, whereas Shane in 194 matches garnered 293 wickets. This makes Jayasuriya a better ODI bowler than Shane.

· Jimmy Sinclair delivers the longest six ever!

Jimmy hit a six, and it went for 556 miles. It is the longest six yet.





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Foreign Cricketers Who Married Indian Women



Foreign Cricketers Who Married Indian Women is indeed an interesting subject given many haven’t explore it much and a large number of people don’t even know about such cases. Which is why we thought it would be worth discussing and talking about.

1. Shoaib Malik

Before marrying Sania Mirza, he was married to Ayesha Siddiqui for almost 9 years. He married Sania in Hyderabad in 2010. Interestingly, not even 2 years had been passed after the deadly 26/11 attacks. Their Walima was held in Pakistan.

2. Shaun Tait

He got married to Mashoom Singha who happens to be a former swimsuit model. Mashoom’s sister was also once a beauty queen and was even crowned Miss Earth India in 2001. This didn’t end here as Shaun became an overseas citizen of India.

3. Hasan Ali

Ali is a Pakistani cricketer who married Indian air hostess Samiya Arzoo in August 2019 in Dubai, UAE. They had their first child in April 2021 named Helena. It should be noted that Hasan has also been a player in the PSL.

4. Muttiah Muralitharan

Muttiah though played for the Lankan team is an ethnic Tamil. Madhimalar Ramamurthy, his wife hails from Chennai. They married long ago in 2005. They have one child named Naren and Murali is also an overseas citizen of India.

5. Mike Brearley

Mike married Mana Sarabhai who is a Gujarati by ethnicity. Though Mike is from Britain, he has a huge liking for Bengali people and culture. Post retirement, he got into psychoanalysis and went on to pursue a career in that field.


Whatever might have been the case, one should never troll or mock these women for their choices. For example, if Sania Mirza decided to marry a Pakistani while being an Indian, that’s her choice. There is nothing to ponder upon. Do let us know about any other Foreign Cricketers Who Married Indian Women.





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Who Is Bahubali Of Cricket? I Can You Guess Who Is It?


Bahubali: A Cult Classic Of Recent Times

The two part movie series changed the way people look at Indian cinema. The special effects proved that India too had the capacity to make and create movies that could rival their western counterparts.

The main character of the movie, Bahubali, is someone on whom all the good people rely up on in the storyline. When we talk about who is Bahubali of cricket, we talk about this quality and many more like the ability to fight for what is right and never fail the people who believe in him.

MS Dhoni | Bahubali Of Cricket

His career in the Indian cricket team has been nothing short of a spectacular one. His calmness and the ability to make the right decisions while on the ground in sticky situations are also the qualities which have earned him this title.

Another point we would like to point out is that just like Bahubali is loved all throughout India, MSD is too. There is no conflict of his identity or the language he speaks. This union also makes the allegory a solid one.

Though there is a point where he might not match with the actual storyline. Bahubali was betrayed and then his son went on to take his father’s revenge. This as you might have guessed isn’t going to be the case with MS Dhoni.

Highlights Of MSD’s Career

From winning the first ever T20I World Cup to firing the spectacular six in Wankhede to help us lift the ODI World Cup 2nd time, his career has limitless amount of highlights.

We would also like you to check out his 183* runs innings that he played against the Lankans in Jaipur. Hopefully, MSD will be seen playing for CSK for a few more IPL seasons.





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Cricketers Who Married Their Relatives I Cricketfile



Most of the cricketers have either love or arranged marriage. But there are bizarre cases where players marry their relatives. In this post, we will be talking about 4 such players who married their relatives. Let’s start!

List Of Cricketers Who Married Their Relatives

1. Mosaddek Hossain

This Bangladeshi cricketer married his cousin Sharmin Samira Usha. But wait, the story gets interesting. Before getting divorced, his wife alleged that he was torturing her for a dowry amount of 1 million taka. Umme Tamanna is his current wife and she isn’t his cousin sister.

2. Mustafizur Rahman

Rahman tied his knot with Samia Parvin who was then a Psychology student. His marriage took place in March 2019 in a very private wedding ceremony. His brother then said that the family decided to get him married as he was upset by the alleged attack in Christchurch.

3. Saeed Anwar

He married Lubna, his cousin who also happens to be a doctor. Tragedy struck him in 2001 when his daughter died after a long illness. As an after effect, he turned to his religion and began his career as a preacher of Islam as a part of the Tablighi Jamaat.

4. Shahid Afridi

He married his cousin from his mother’s side and now has five daughters. One of his daughters is going to get engaged to Shaheen Afridi as per several news reports. He once accepted on BBC that Pakistan has no talent. There were many other controversies of which he has been a part of.


While this might sound repulsive, this is reality. We advise you not to go to their Instagram or Twitter pages and troll as you should then expect a strong reaction from their loyal fans that number in hundreds of thousands.

Also, most of these marriages are confined to countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. It should also be noted that their adherence to traditional customs may have been a driving factor of the same.





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How Do Cricketers Get Their Numbers? I Jersey Numbers


Why Are Jersey Numbers Important?

Ask any MSD fan about his jersey number and all of them (yes, 100% of them) will give 7 as their answer. Heck, Dhoni even has a brand named after his jersey number. Anyway, we hope that you comprehend the importance of these numbers. Now, let’s take a walk in the past regarding the history about How Do Cricketers Get Their Numbers.


  • World Series Tournament in 95 – 96 sees the first-ever use of number of shirts.
  • 1999 World Cup becomes the 1st one to have players wear such jerseys. The captains are given 1 as their number and their players are allowed to choose from 2 to 15.
  • Players later start wearing their numbers without any restrictions in choosing them.

Procedure For Allotting Numbers To Cricketers

There are no set rules by the ICC regarding this matter. Hence, players choose their numbers though they make sure that theirs doesn’t match with any other player of their squad.

Secret Of Jersey Numbers

How Do Cricketers Get Their Numbers? I Jersey Numbers




Shikhar Dhawan 25 Luck, birth date of his daughter
Yuvraj Singh 12 Born on 12th Dec. on 12 PM in Sector 12 of his hometown
Sachin Tendulkar 10 Surname starting with ten phrase and improved performance after using 10 instead of usual 99
MS Dhoni 7 Born on 7th July (7/7)
Virat Kohli 18 In remembrance of his father who passed on 18th December

As you can, these numbers have a story of their own. So, next time you want to know more about a player, do try to find out why he has chosen the given jersey number for himself. Some like Virat’s are about remembering and staying connected with one’s roots.


What are the ICC guidelines for choosing numbers for players?

There are no set guidelines by the council when it comes to this issue.






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Indian Cricketers Who Married Foreigners



We would like to clarify that by foreigners we mean those who were brought up in any other country besides India. This means that many of these wives may have Indian ancestry. Let’s begin with the list of Indian Cricketers Who Married Foreigners.

list of Indian Cricketers Who Married Foreigners

1. Irfan Pathan

Irfan Pathan married Safa Baig in 2016. Born in Saudi Arabia in 1994, Baig was a model based in Jeddah. They both have a son named Imran who has turned 2. Post their wedding, they held their reception in Vadodara. Interestingly, Safa has four more sisters.

2. Shikhar Dhawan

He married Australia based Ayesha Mukherjee who happens to be 10 years older than him. Needless to say, before marrying the Shikhar Dhawan, she was married and divorced to someone else. Though as her name suggests, she hails from West Bengal.

3. Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya has married Natasa Stankovic, a Serbian dancer who is well known in the Indian film industry for her dance songs. Besides this, she has also been a part of the reality show Big Boss in 2014. The couple had a son named Agastya in July 2020.

4. Yuvraj Singh

He has married Hazel Keech in November 2016 after getting engaged to her in 2015. She was born in the UK and was also a part of Big Boss in 2013. Post her marriage, she was given the name of Gurbasant Kaur. The couple has a luxury penthouse in South Delhi.

5. Mandeep Singh

He is married to UK based Jagdeep Jaiswal who is also a healthcare assistant there. The couple recently had a child named Rajveer in January 2021. Singh and Jaiswal are both from Sikh background. Though Mandeep’s international career has had him play just 3 T20I matches.


These were the five cricketers from India who married foreigners. Though many trolls trolled the likes of Hardik Pandya when his engagement happened with Natasha, we should note that it isn’t acceptable behaviour to do so.




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How Do Cricketers Learn English Language? I Cricketfile


Why Is It Needed?

If you have seen cricket matches, you might have noticed players being asked about their experience or their performance in the given match. It is a norm that they answer in English since it is understood by a majority of fans around the world. Needless to say, this makes many wonder about How Do Cricketers Learn English Language. Which is why we are going to talk about the various ways in which they do this.

Ways In Which Cricketers Learn English

1. By Getting Educated

Many players like Anil Kumble are engineering graduates. Hence, they do speak fluent English. Many aren’t that fortunate and are usually those that weren’t able to complete their schooling or college degree.

2. From A Dedicated Instructor

If someone doesn’t know English and has the potential of becoming a great cricketer, he usually opts for instructors who groom the player for speaking the necessary amount of English or more.

3. Reading

Many of them have or later pick up the hobby of reading books / novels or magazines. This also greatly assists their grip and control over how sentences and expressions work.

4. Practice

Practicing a language helps anyone gain mastery over it. If you listen to Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Virat Kohli speaking in English, you can tell that they have been practicing it since a long time.

5. Watching TV Shows And Movies

This might also be a method with which players improvise or even culture themselves as per what is required of them in the parties or celebrations at the venues.

What Happens If A Player Doesn’t Learn English?

Embarrassment to say the least is the end result in case someone messes up basic English grammar. Take a look at this tweet.

How Do Cricketers Learn English Language? I Cricketfile

This tweet itself has been a subject of endless memes and showers of hilarious jokes on Umar Akmal. Avoiding embarrassment is one thing and acquiring a bad name for the team.

The worst case scenario is when a player messes things up during an interview as this gets him wider negative publicity among his fans.

Is English Necessary For Becoming A Great Cricketer?

No, it isn’t required to become a great cricketer however it does improve one’s image and public perception. Indian cricketers and by that we mean all of them have excellent control of the language.

Its due to the fact that education is a part of Indian culture and parents here try their best to get their wards admissions into the best possible schools and colleges.





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Parsi Cricketers In India I List Of Parsi Cricketers


List Of Parsi Cricketers In India

1. Farokh Engineer

With his career spanning a decade and a half, he managed to play for India in 46 tests and 5 ODIs. Since the era wasn’t that of immense amount of cricket being played today, the number of matches played by him might sound less.

Nevertheless, he holds the record of being the last Parsi to have played for India.

2. Rusi Surti

He was also a contemporary of Farokh. Though his career ended before ODI format began. He like many Parsis was born in Gujarat but he also played for Rajasthan when it came to domestic cricket.

Surti passed away in 2013 because of a stroke while travelling to Mumbai.

3. Nariman Contractor

His career met a sorry end when a ball hit him at the back of his skull. Though he survived, India lost a test player. Nariman was born in Godhra, Gujarat and post retirement, he coaches at the CCI Academy in Mumbai. When the fateful injury happened, he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

4. Pahlan Umrigar

Yes, he is the player you were thinking about. Polly Umrigar was the first batsman to have made a double tonne in test format. The national under-15 trophy is named after him. His death on 7th November 2006 after his battle with lymph cancer.

5. Rusitomji Modi

He besides playing 10 tests also wrote a number of books about the sport. His death resulted after suffering from a heat attack at the Brabourne Stadium. In his limited career, his average ended up at an impressive 46.00 runs per innings.

Another worthwhile point to note about him is that his debut coincided with that of Vinoo Mankad and Vijay Hazare.


The contribution of Parsis to Indian cricket however minuscule in all is still worth talking about. It is also worthy to point out that at one time, they used to funnel contraband into China.

Nevertheless, maybe we will have more players from their community in the national team.






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Dream of every cricketer: The ultimate stage of a cricketer


What is a Dream of every cricketer?

Cricket is the most popular game in the entire world. It is the dream of millions of people out there to become a cricketer. Cricket is a game of adventure, emotions, perseverance and hard work. Many people in their budding age dream to be successful cricketers. But, it is not easy to be a good cricketer as it requires a lot of hard work and patience.

There exists a very tough competition to become a cricketer. The craze of Cricket in the entire world and especially in India is pretty high. Many cricketers practice hard day and night to play International matches and the World Cup. It’s tough to make a place in the Indian cricket team as it requires excellent skills and consistent efforts.

Numerous players across India give their best every year to qualify for the Indian team. The road to selection in the national and then the international team is tough, and one has to overcome many obstacles to achieve success in cricket.

Being a cricketer comes with many perks, such as good income, respect, fame, and a tremendous social following. But it comes with responsibilities as well as challenges too. The road to being a successful cricketer is in itself a tiresome and challenging route. It’s a fantasy for every domestic cricketer to play in International matches for their respective teams. And players who play in International matches have the dream of representing their nation in the World Cup.

India has so many gems who ruled the cricket world like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Kapil Dev, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Anil Kumble and Jasprit Bumrah. Many young players take inspiration to become a cricketer from these cricket legends. Some players also dream of becoming Captain of the Indian Cricket Team. Youngsters need to pay more attention to cricket to achieve new heights in the cricket world faster. They can fulfil their dream only with consistency and rigorous dedication.

The dream of every cricketer revolves around following four major phases. Let’s unveil a little about them-

From school or college team to domestic team

The first and the primary step in every cricketer’s life begins when they discover an interest in the game, particularly in school and college. It’s a time where the players can enhance their skills. A player can improve his weaker points in school or college days and can work upon their skills. They should work hard to play in domestic matches.

Domestic cricket, such as the Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy, Duleep trophy etc., opens the way to the National cricket team for a cricketer. Every cricketer gives his best on the field to reach the domestic level. Cricketers should take care of their health from the beginning of their career with the help of a healthy and balanced diet because this way, they can unravel a long journey in the cricket area.

They should do exercise every day to remain fit and agile and maintain consistent performance on the ground. They should practice more in nets for a better experience. During the phases of the domestic games and city tournaments, cricketers must learn, evolve and practice hard.

From domestic to national selections

After reaching the domestic level, pressure increases on the player to get selected for the National cricket team. Players have to struggle a lot to get a chance to play in the National team. They have to continue their good form throughout their career. National matches are essential as they determine whether a player is fit for international matches or not.

National realm to international team selections

Once players get their place in the National team, then they aim to qualify for international cricket. They have the pressure to play well against their opponent in every match to be further promoted to International cricket. If they don’t play well, they get demoted to the domestic level again. So it’s essential to secure their position in their respective teams.

Competition gets more challenging daily; players have to increase their level to remain at the top. It requires a terrific personality to play in Internationals as we are representing our countries with us. It’s a prime duty of every player to help his team in winning the matches. It’s not a joke to play international cricket; it requires confidence and skills to act up. Players should also have a good command of their English as it is the most accustomed language around the globe.

The real game begins with world cup selections- The ultimate stage of every cricketer’s dream.

Every cricketer’s dream is to play in the grandest stage of cricket- the World cup, which happens every four years. Every cricketer wishes to play in the Cricket World Cup once in their career. Playing in the world cup is a dream come true moment for cricketers.

But not everyone can reach this stage easily as the cricket board of India; the BCCI, sets numerous standards for the selection process. Only a handful of cricketers can pass all the phases and play in the world cup as it is the most crucial stage to represent the country in the global realm.

Dream of playing in the World Cup will remain a dream if the player doesn’t perform well in international cricket. Cricketers have to keep hustling every day to maintain their position in the team.

It’s not that easy to qualify in the World Cup because there are many players on the list who are trying their best for several years and striving to create their position in the Indian cricket squad. Coaches determine the potential of a cricketer and give them correct advice, which helps them overcome their weak points. Cricketers should remain on the top of the charts to make their position in the Cricket World Cup.


So this was all about the dreams of cricketers. They work hard to achieve these milestones in their cricket career, which is worth appreciating. Most importantly, a player’s personality describes how they handle fame and success without any degradation in their performance. They need the right attitude to deal with all these different phases of a cricketing career.





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Which Indian Cricketer Has The Most Haters? I Cricketfile


Which Indian Cricketer Has The Most Haters? MS Dhoni is the most hated as well as the most popular Indian cricketer as of now. While many know of him as Captain Cool from the time period of his captaincy, the reasons for people hating him aren’t that difficult to understood.

Reasons For Him Being So

1. Defensive Approach

His approach towards acting as a captain has always been defensive. Though this might make him look as someone who takes well thought decisions, this has also resulted in games being lost most particularly in away test matches.

This isn’t the case when we talk about Virat Kohli. Though he has his own set of problems to deal with.

2. The Team Not Performing Well In Major Tournaments Post 2011

The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup win was monumental, but after that, it seemed that the ‘Dhoni Magic’ has died down.

3. Going All Out Against Veteran Players Initially

His decision to get players like Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, and VVS laxman dropped during initial phase of his captaincy faced a lot of heat and some of the loyal fans of such legendary cricketers hate Dhoni to this day.

Trolls That Don’t Really Need A Reason

Trolls as usual leave no stone unturned to trigger MSD fanatics with their nasty memes or comments. While they do this for attention, fans jump onto the bandwagon and the saga of replies begins. For those who are fans of him and those who aren’t, enjoy shows like these. Why? Because they are FREE.


While it is true that social media has ensured that memes and jokes go viral in a matter of hours, one needs to be a responsible Dhoni hater. Ashok Dinda was trolled to the point where he had to show his stats to put a full-stop to the debate. Innocent fun should be the norm and not brutal trolling.





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