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Cricket Jokes I Cricket Jokes In Hindi & English


Jokes On Ground Aren’t Enough

Back in the day, Inzmam-Ul-Haq getting runout was a joke that everybody was familiar with. But wait, that isn’t the only one you should know and laugh about. Let’s take a look at them in various languages.

Cricket Jokes In Hindi

  1. Asli dukh kya hota hai koi kisi CSK ke bowler se pucho, agar wo wicket leta hain to bhi commentator uska shrey Dhoni ko de deta hain. “Dhoni ki strategy kaam aai. Isiliye to ham kehte hain ki Maahi ke karan hi wicket nikalte hain.”
  2. Ek baar BCCI se ek cricket fan ne nivedan kiya ki wo koshish karein ki matches Rajasthan main karaye. Pucho kyun? Kyunki wahan baarish to dur hawa bhi nahi chalti.
  3. Ek baar ek patni ne apne pati ko dhamki dete huye kahan ki kyunki wo cricket match jyada dekhte hain isiliye wah ghar chodh kar jaa rahi hain hain, iss par pati ne kahan ki “pahli baar pairo ka sahi istemaal karte huye aaj yahan par”.
  4. Ek baar Pakistan ke ek Khiladi bola ki hamari team se baki sari teams darti hain. Iss par kisi na kahan ki darengi nahi to kya karengi, tum ball ki jagah aur hi fek do kya pata.
  5. Waise pitch ke halat par toss ke baad ka decision apni jagah hain par aaj bhi jab kisi gali ya muhelle main koi toss jitta hain to wo kabhi bhi batting nahi chodta hain.
  6. Virat kohli jiss tarah se RCB ke liye batting karta hain uss hisab se yahi lag raha hain ye Vijay Mallya ka sara loan apne hathon se hi chukana chahta hain.

Cricket Jokes In English

  1. Why didn’t players of a team listen to their captain? Because he was fielding at the silly point.
  2. Why do those who aren’t great fielders don’t fall sick? Because they never catch anything.
  3. Why do some cricket grounds feel cooler than others? Because they have better quality ‘fans’.
  4. When a guy’s wife said that she would leave him if he didn’t deal with his cricket addiction. He then made a timeout sign. Last I heard he was living on the streets.
  5. Why are most batsmen so good at ironing clothes? Because they have been spotting the crease all their life.
  6. What is a bird that all cricketers are afraid of? Duck.

India Pakistan Cricket Jokes

  1. Just like the Sun cannot rise from the west, similarly Pakistan cannot defeat India in ICC cricket world cup.
  2. Just in that the English instructor who was supposed to teach Pakistani cricketers had to be hospitalized. Apparently, she fainted after hearing Umar Akmal’s English.
  3. Once a Pakistani cricketer asked his captain regarding how to prepare against Rohit making a double century. The captain replied that since we are batting first, we will all get all-out on 190.


So, these were the various types of jokes as per languages to make you smile, giggle or laugh. Do let us know if you think we should add a joke that you know about in the comments section. And last but not the least, those who share and create such jokes should be appreciated.





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Cricketers Who Were Engineers | Did You Know? I Cricketfile



There was a time when engineers would limit themselves to their field of study, which is engineering. But today, this isn’t the case. While many of them have shone in fields like photography and writing, there are those who became famous cricketers.

List Of Cricketers Who Were Engineers

1. R Ashwin

The 6 feet tall spinner from Chennai boasts a BTech degree in Information Technology from SSN College of Engineering. Though it should be noted that his cricketing zeal began much earlier at the St. Bede’s School.

You will also be pleasantly surprised to know that before becoming a spinner, Ravichandran Ashwin used to bowl as a medium pacer during his school time.

2. Javagal Shrinath

While Srinath’s retirement came after the 2003 World Cup, he displayed his interest in the game from his early childhood.

He graduated with a BE degree from the SJCE Institute in Mysore, Karnataka. Post retirement, he also became a match referee after being selected for the same by the ICC.

3. Anil Kumble

While he was born in Karnataka, his parents originally hail from the Kasaragod district in Kerala. He is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from RVCE Institute. Many of his fondly remember his ten-wicket haul at the Firoz Shah Kotla Stadium in Delhi. This happened in February 1999.

Many don’t know but his fellow bowler bowled in such a way so that Kumble would be the one who would take the 10th wicket.


So, these cricketers do tell us that becoming a cricketer doesn’t imply that one has to give all his time to the sport itself. However, passion and dedication without a doubt plays a huge role in ensuring one’s place in the playing XI of the Indian team.

But do ensure that you do what you like while putting in your 100% behind it. That is what it takes to become successful in a given field.





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Who Is The Cutest Cricketer In India? Is There One Or Many?



Being cute might sound cliché, but it is still something that matters to a lot of people. Yes, if this hadn’t been the case, what would you be doing here in the first place. Nevertheless, let’s talk about the contenders for this title Who Is The Cutest Cricketer In India.

Possible Answers To Who Is The Cutest Cricketer In India

1. Virat Kohli

Without a doubt someone who is good looking and smart. Virat Kohli’s batting style and performance further increases his ‘cuteness’ quotient. While he is known for his aggression on the ground while playing, his Instagram page conveys a totally different picture with him looking candid with his family.

2. KL Rahul

Don’t judge him by his smart looks, KL Rahul is a nightmare for bowlers as well. As a wicketkeeper batsman, his performance in IPL 2020 had been phenomenal to say the least. One of the stars in Indian cricket, he is currently in a relationship with Athiya Shetty.

3. Hardik Pandya

Pandya brothers and their meteoric rise is strange to no one. Hardik Pandya though gained notoriety after the Koffee With Karan fiasco. His fitness with his confidence and jolly nature is what has gained him a spot in this list.

4. Rohit Sharma

Yes, people do mock Rohit Sharma for his alleged fitness issues but we should all remember that it is he who has went beyond the 200 run mark in ODI a record 3 times. His seriousness and his innocent looks besides his calm and composed nature does ensure that makes it here.


Yes, looking good might be the norm, but feeling bad about your looks isn’t the way to go ahead. However, one must always note that being a good person is what that matters at the end of the day. Do let us know which one of these as per you is the cutest cricketer in India.




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Youngest Player In IPL 2021 | Who Is He? I Cricketfile


Akash Singh is the Youngest Player In IPL 2021. He was Born on 26th April 2002, Akash was born in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. He is a left-hand bowler who has also been a part of the Rajasthan squad in domestic cricket.

Domestic Career

While he made his T20 debut in 2019, he had to wait until 2021 to play in the List A format. As of now, he has played 3 List A games and 2 T20 matches. In both the formats, he has taken 2 wickets each.


He plays for the franchise that represents his home state of Rajasthan. Becoming part of the Royals wasn’t as plain and simple for him though. He was bought before the 2020 auctions but then the management decided to release him before the next one.

But in February 2021, he was once again purchased by RR before the 2021 edition of the league began.

Social Media

His Instagram handle is @akkionfire and he currently boasts more than 18 thousand followers. As for social work, he is associated with Indian division of UNICEF (United Nations And Children’s Education Fund) as per his bor.

You can also catch his candid, training and practice moments and those who are his fans can also contact the email address shared by him.

What Next Is Waiting For Him?

Given the immense opportunities that a great performance in IPL might offer to him, it is imperative that he does his best when given a chance.

List of Other Young Players In IPL 2021

  • Kamlesh Nagarkoti (21)
  • Devdutt Padikkal (20)
  • Ravi Bishnoi (20)
  • Abdul Samad (19)


Who is the youngest player in IPL 2021?

Akash Singh

Where is Akash Singh from?

Bharatpur, Rajasthan

What is Akash Singh’s full name?

Akash Maharaj Singh

When was Akash Singh born?

26th April 2002

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Cricket Movies In Telugu I Watch Telugu Cricket Movies


Unrealistic action aren’t what Telugu movies all about. They too have emotional and aesthetic appeal in a huge majority of them. Cricket too is a subject that the industry has thoroughly covered with the movies that we are about to discuss.

List Of Cricket Movies In Telugu

1. Jersey

A father who was once a cricketer goes on to play the sport again in his late 30s to ensure that he can gift his jersey to his son as a gift. The reason, he wants to ensure that his son’s wish can come true.

2. Dear Comrade

While in most movies, it is about the life of a guy cricketer and his personal life, in Dear Comrade, things are quite the other way around. There is a woman cricketer who has fallen in love with a guy with anger issues. This creates issues in their relationship and the movie revolves around that aspect.

3. Dhoni

Like any other Indian parent, Kartik’s father wants him to pursue higher education (MBA in this case) while Kartik wants to become like Dhoni. Will he be able to pursue what he likes or will he end up in an IIM?

4. Appatlo Okadundevadu

Somewhat of a dark tale, it involves an aspiring cricketer getting his dreams of representing destroyed as a result of being on the bad books of a police officer. But he takes a different path and explores the world of crime (which isn’t recommended to anyone reading this).


We hope that these plots have motivated to appreciate what industries in local languages. That is how we can ensure that we don’t simply mock people based on our preconceived notions.

Do let us know movies in your mother tongue related to cricket that others too can watch and enjoy and perhaps even appreciate as they should.





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Belinda Clark Player Profile I Australian Women Cricketer


About Belinda Clark

Belinda Jane Clark is an Australian former right-hand batswoman cricketer, and her hometown is in Newcastle, New South Australia. Her mother was a tennis player. Belinda Clark  has played international cricket for the Australian team for a very long period. Miss Clark took the Australian team to new heights with his captaincy.

Clark is one of the most successful players in the Australian team. She scored a double century in an ODI against Denmark, which is her cricket career’s best achievement. Belinda Clark has been honoured with many awards like the Australian Sports Medal, Centenary Medal, and many more. Clark is also one of the youngest players to score a century.

Belinda Clark played her first ODI match on 17 January 19991 against New Zealand. She also owns the highest career batting average of (47.49) in Women’s One-Day Internationals. Belinda Clark is a right-hand batswoman and right-arm off-break bowler and has created many glorious moments for her team.

She also holds the record of scoring 919 runs in 15 matches, and she is well known for her doubleton, which she had scored against Denmark in 1997. Even Sachin Tendulkar took more than a decade to break this record. Clark has an extraordinary cricket career. She is one of the oldest captains of the Australian team.

She has played 188 matches in ODIs for her team and scored 4844 runs with the batting average of 47.49 with five hundred and thirty half-centuries.

Belinda took the women’s division of the Australian team on another level when she scored a double hundred. When she captained the Australian women’s team, the winning ratio was 80% for more than ten years. Now, Belinda Clark trains young girls and helps them to build confidence and develop their skills in cricket.

Belinda Clark 200

Belinda Clark is a terrific Australian cricketer. She debuted in ODIs on 17 January 1991 against New Zealand. She is one of the most successful cricketers in the cricket world. She holds the record of crossing the mark of 200 in an ODI against Denmark in Mumbai. She also holds the record of playing the most matches as a captain for the Australian Women’s Cricket team.  Her overall cricket career has been fantastic.

Belinda Clark scored 229 runs in just 155 bowls in a Women’s World Cup match against Denmark on 16 December 1997. She was unbeatable throughout the innings with a strike rate of 147.74 and helped her team in setting the target of a total of 412 runs. Miss Clark managed to secure the victory by a massive number of 363 runs by beating the European team.

Clark was the first woman to achieve the milestone of 200+ runs in an ODI. Clark shocked everyone by her terrifying innings of 229 runs, and this was the most significant achievement of Belinda Clark in her overall career. She made her 200+ innings more elegant with 22 boundaries. Belinda is the only player to score double a hundred in the 1900s.  This was the turning point of Belinda’s career.

She always gave her best on the field and was one of the hard-working players. Miss Clark has set an example that nothing is impossible with her double hundred if you dare to do that work with your full dedication. She is also an inspiration for many young players. In 1998 Belinda Clark was also named Wisden Australia Cricketer of the year. She played for the Australian cricket team from 1991 to 2005. Belinda Clark is also known as one of the greatest female cricketers ever in history.

Belinda Clark Retirement

Belinda Jane Clark, born on 10 September 1970 is one of the best cricketers we could ever have. She has accomplished numerous glorious records in her overall career.  Clark is best known for the double century she made against Denmark in 1997 in Mumbai.

Not even a single man or woman in cricket could break her double century record in the 1900s. Belinda has played the most number of matches as captain in the Women’s Cricket World Cup. Her mother is also linked with a sports background, and she also encouraged Belinda Clark to be a cricketer.

Belinda Clark announced her retirement on 16 September 2005 from all formats of cricket. She bid adieu after having a remarkable career in cricket. And, further, she prepared herself to become the Manager of Commonwealth Bank Centre of Excellence, situated in Brisbane, Australia. Clark played her last ODI against England on 1 September 2005.

Clark played 118 matches and scored a total of 4844 runs in ODIs with a batting average of 47.49. Belinda has scored many centuries throughout her career and always troubled her opponent team with her experience and skills.

Miss Clark has always encouraged her teammates, showed them the right path in her captaincy and snatched victory from the opponent team many times.  She played her last test match on 24 August 2005 against England. Clark has played 15 test matches and scored 919 runs with a batting average of 45.95.

Belinda Clark has played many match-winning knocks for her team, including many centuries and half-centuries. Belinda stated in an interview that she is very excited about the new phase of her life. She has earned fame and enormous respect in the cricket era. Clark has created many historic moments in cricket and achieved many feats in the cricket world.

Records & Achievements

Belinda Jane Clark is an Australian right-handed batswoman and former captain of Australia’s women’s team. She has been a part of international cricket from 1991 to 2005. Miss Clark has left a significant impact on the women’s cricket division. Clark captained the women’s cricket team from the year 1994 to her retirement till 2005, which is quite an extended period.

She has also been awarded Wisden Australia Cricketer of the year in 1998. She also captained Australian Women’s team in test cricket. The most significant record of her career was when Clark scored a double hundred against Denmark in Mumbai. Then, Belinda became the only player to cross the 200+ mark in an ODI in the 1900s. She scored 229 runs in just 155 deliveries.

Belinda holds the record of playing the most number of matches as a Captain for any team. Clark scored a century in her test match debut, and she has played 15 test matches in which she scored 919 runs. Belinda holds many records in different formats of cricket. Under her captaincy, Australian Women’s team touched new heights of success. Belinda Clark has maintained her legacy in the cricket world. Her achievement and records in the cricket world are worth appreciable.

Is Belinda Clark married?

Belinda Clark’s marital status is single. She is not dating anyone, nor the phenomenal sportswoman married to anyone. She also doesn’t like to share about her personal life in public and she always tries to keep it private.





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Best Indian Cricket Songs I Indian Cricket Songs


Songs are ubiquitous in urban life in India. You can hear them at the local dukandaar and even at the barber’s shop. But yes, there are Indian cricket songs that are just fabulous.

Best Indian Cricket Songs List

1. Aashayein

No discussion about any type of cricket songs is complete without this one. While this was featured in Iqbal, it is all about hope. Yes, Asha in Hindi means hope and the name of song personifies that spirit of being hopeful about dreams that might seem impossible for the time being.

It is played as a dance song in schools and colleges too and is a must listen for everybody irrespective whether one is a cricket fan or not.

2. Har Gully Main Dhoni Hain

MSD’s biopic is the movie from which this one has been taken from. The lyrics tell us in a literal and metaphorical sense that yes, there is a MSD in every street of India.

Many cricketers today hail from middle class or lower middle class background and it draws our attention to that. Being connected to one’s roots and beginnings is also worthwhile lesson that one can take from it.

3. Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo

The sheer energy that the KKR’s anthem brings to anyone with its lyrical meaning combined with the musical overtune is just not enough. Humming it in your mind is something that can energize anyone and listening to it is an experience.

The essence and the meaning is do, fight and win. That’s all it is all about.

4. De Ghumake

Those who have followed the 2011 World Cup might recall it. Do listen to it and you will understand while it has managed to make its way into the list. Yes, India won the 2011 World Cup but the song has been forgotten by almost all. There were many other things that got ‘viral’ (in today’s sense) back then.

Do let us know in the comments if you remember any of them. Hint: One was the famous ‘Dil Scoop’ advertisement.





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Most Runs In Powerplay In IPL | IPL Most Runs In Powerplay



While field restrictions that were akin to powerplay became mandatory since 1980 in ODI matches, the term was given an official status in 2005 by ICC. When it comes to T20 matches, the duration lasts for the initial 6 overs of any given innings.

Instances When Most Runs In Powerplay In IPL Were Scored





MI 82/1 MI Vs KXIP 2017
RCB 83/4 RCB Vs SRH 2015
DC 84/1 DC Vs DD 2009
MI 84/0 MI Vs DC 2018
KXIP 86/1 KXIP Vs SRH 2014
KTK 87/2 KTK Vs RR 2011
CSK 90/0 CSK Vs MI 2015
CSK 100/2 CSK Vs KXIP 2014
KKR 105/0 KKR Vs RCB 2017

Note: DC (Deccan Chargers) and KTK (Kochi Tuskers Kerala) are defunct franchises while DD (Delhi Daredevils) and KXIP (Kings XI Punjab) have changed their names to Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings respectively.

Now, let’s take a look at the run rate of these scored to get an idea about how well they batted. It should be noted that powerplay in IPL lasts for 6 overs.

Run Rate of Teams When They Scored Most Runs In IPL



Run Rate

MI 82/1 13.66
RCB 83/4 13.83
DC 84/1 14.00
MI 84/0 14.00
KXIP 86/1 14.33
KTK 87/2 14.50
CSK 90/0 15.00
CSK 100/2 16.67
KKR 105/0 17.50

As you can notice, most of them have their run rates in the range of about 14 or so with exception of the top three. The next natural question which one might have is that whether the team which scored so heavily won in the respective matches or not.

Result of Matches




MI MI Vs DC Lost

As expected, most of these matches were won by the teams that we mentioned in our list. Hence, getting that strong start in powerplay makes a foundation above which you can build your victory.

Fun Fact

The highest score of 105 notches was made against RCB.


What is the most runs made in a powerplay in IPL?

105 runs

What is CSK’s highest powerplay total?

100 runs

What is KKR’s highest powerplay total?

105 runs






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Fastest 7000 Runs In ODI | Who Made It Into Top 15?



Many might counter the reasoning behind talking about the specific number 7000. But there are factors which those that do this are missing. Talking about huge total runs in a format has other factors that might go out of our calculation.

These involve possible effects of injuries and other issues that might affect the natural performance (without statistical bias) of the player.

List Of Batsmen Who Scored Fastest 7000 Runs In ODI

Name Innings Taken To Make 7000th Run
Hashim Amla 150
Virat Kohli 161
AB de Villiers 166
Sourav Ganguly 174
Rohit Sharma 181
Brian Lara 183
Desmond Haynes 187
Jaques Kallis 188
Ross Taylor 188
Sachin Tendulkar 189
Chris Gayle 189
MS Dhoni 189
Ricky Ponting 192
Saeed Anwar 194
Michael Clarke 195

Batsmen Who Scored Fastest 7000 Runs In ODI

1. Hashim Amla

Surprisingly, Amla, who is at the top of this list managed to make just 8113 runs at the end of his illustrious career. This shows us what happens when a batsman scores consistently even for a short number of innings (150 in this case). Amla also has a brother involved in cricket.

2. Virat Kohli

The fittest vegan cricketer has it all as a batsman. The grit that takes him to greater individual scores like never before and this is evident by him making about 59.07 runs in every inning that he batted. He also has a good chance at breaking Tendulkar’s record in terms of number of ODI centuries as well.

3. AB de Villiers

His average of 53.50 is a testimony to the fact why he came in 3rd in this list. While he managed to play just 228 matches in his career, he scored about 9500 notches while hitting 25 tonnes and 53 fifties. ABD still is considered to be one of the best cricketers that have ever been involved in the game.

4. Sourav Ganguly

Dada takes us back to the time when we won the Netwest series under his leadership. While he might have become the BCCI President today, there was a time when he was a feared batsman in both ODI and Test cricket. He too like MSD has a high score of 183 runs in ODI.

5. Rohit Sharma

Rohit presently is the most dominating batsman in the ODI scene. While he is on one of the top spots on this list, his ability to go beyond 200 run mark in a single inning has been proven a record 3 times to date. Will he go beyond that mark once more is something worth looking out for.

6. Brian Lara

Brian 400* Lara played 299 ODI matches and ended up making 10405 runs. Lara isn’t talked about much these days besides his 400-run test knock but he was a great ODI batsman too. An interesting fact about him is that he has 10 other brothers and sisters.

7. Desmond Haynes

Many might not about Haynes given his career ended in 1994 but he was a giant batsman who contributed a lot to the West Indies team. Those who might know about him may recall his memorable 148 run knock against Australia. For those wondering why this is memorable, the hint is that it was his debut match.

8. Jaques Kallis

The Proteas batsman is one of the favourite batsmen of many cricket fans irrespective of their country. His career lasted for almost two decades from 1995 to 2014 with him making 11579 ODI runs. Besides ODI, he was also a very successful test player as well.

9. Ross Taylor

Taylor’s career is progressing but he is 37 so he might retire in the near future. Besides being of Samoan decent, he is also the lead Kiwi scorer in both test and ODI format. Not just that, Taylor at one time was also the Kiwi skipper. Another thing that makes him stand out from others is his 6 feet tall frame.

10. Sachin Tendulkar

If you felt that the number of runs clocked by Punter were immense, wait till we tell you about Sachin’s notches. His mountain consists of 18426 ODI runs. Yes, more than double of 7000. But surprisingly, his average isn’t above 50 as many might assume first hand (44.83).

11. Chris Gayle

While some players get ‘old’ and this gets reflected in their on-field performance, there are some who just don’t. Gayle is one of them. Besides partying, he is also an excellent cricketer and batsman. Chris is also one of the few who managed to cross the 200 runs in an inning mark in ODI.

12. MS Dhoni

Mahi besides making it into this list ended his career while keeping the average number of runs scored in an inning above 50. He too didn’t score much centuries as compared to 50s but his top score was that 183* run knock in Jaipur against the Lankan team.

13. Ricky Ponting

Punter represented the Aussies in 375 matches and put up a mountain of runs. One thing that stands out in Ponting’s case is that while we are talking about those batsmen that scored fastest 7000 runs in ODI in this list, he went beyond that and scored nearly double 7000.

14. Saeed Anwar

Anwar was once also the Pakistani captain for the two major formats. While his batting average wasn’t that good (39.21), his total runs scored in the format were close to 9000. Saeed’s career lasted from 1989 to 2003. He also is the number one Pakistani cricketer in terms of number of ODI centuries.

15. Michael Clarke

While Clarke may have been the last batsman in this list, throughout his ODI career, he managed to maintain an average of 44.58 runs per inning. Though a not so good highlight of his career was his inability to convert half-centuries (58) to centuries (8).


These were the batsmen that made the fastest 7000 runs in ODI format. They with their professional grit have shown us that cricket as a sport is one that has endless possibilities. Hopefully, someone will break the existing record set by Hashim Amla someday.






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Fastest 150 Wickets in Test | Who Are These 5 Bowlers?



Whether it is a spinner or a pacer, test format is a challenge in itself for them. And taking wickets and maintaining format is yet another must for them. Hence, bowlers who make it in this format are without a doubt the best of all.

5 Bowlers Who Took Fastest 150 Wickets In Test Format

Name Matches
SF Barnes 24
Waqar Younis 27
Yasir Shah 27
CV Grimmett 28
HJ Tayfield 29


1. SF Barnes

Barnes’s career dates back to the pre World War 1 era of the sport. His record of achieving this feat in just 24 matches seems unbreakable even today. Given the adverse conditions of that time, he is rightfully considered to be amongst the best bowlers that the world has ever seen.

2. Waqar Younis

While Waqar made his test debut against India, in total, he took 373 wickets in 87 matches. As a well-known fast bowler, he showed what doing something different as reverse swing (particularly at high speeds) can decimate the batting line up of the other team.

3. Yasir Shah

He is still an international cricket player who is in this list. Though aged 35, he has taken more than 230 wickets in just 44 games. Interestingly, while he is a bowler, he still has a test century to his name.

4. CV Grimmett

He too played an equal number of matches as Tayfield but took 216 wickets. But his era was before World War 2 from 1925 to 1936. While he was born in New Zealand, he represented Australia throughout his international career.

5. HJ Tayfield

While Tayfield touched the 150-wicket mark in 29 matches, his entire career lasted for 37 matches from 1949 to 1960. As many might know, this was a time when not many matches were conducted as commercialization was yet to set in.






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