Best Indian Cricket Songs I Indian Cricket Songs

Best Indian Cricket Songs I Indian Cricket Songs

Songs are ubiquitous in urban life in India. You can hear them at the local dukandaar and even at the barber’s shop. But yes, there are Indian cricket songs that are just fabulous.

Best Indian Cricket Songs List

1. Aashayein

No discussion about any type of cricket songs is complete without this one. While this was featured in Iqbal, it is all about hope. Yes, Asha in Hindi means hope and the name of song personifies that spirit of being hopeful about dreams that might seem impossible for the time being.

It is played as a dance song in schools and colleges too and is a must listen for everybody irrespective whether one is a cricket fan or not.

2. Har Gully Main Dhoni Hain

MSD’s biopic is the movie from which this one has been taken from. The lyrics tell us in a literal and metaphorical sense that yes, there is a MSD in every street of India.

Many cricketers today hail from middle class or lower middle class background and it draws our attention to that. Being connected to one’s roots and beginnings is also worthwhile lesson that one can take from it.

3. Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo

The sheer energy that the KKR’s anthem brings to anyone with its lyrical meaning combined with the musical overtune is just not enough. Humming it in your mind is something that can energize anyone and listening to it is an experience.

The essence and the meaning is do, fight and win. That’s all it is all about.

4. De Ghumake

Those who have followed the 2011 World Cup might recall it. Do listen to it and you will understand while it has managed to make its way into the list. Yes, India won the 2011 World Cup but the song has been forgotten by almost all. There were many other things that got ‘viral’ (in today’s sense) back then.

Do let us know in the comments if you remember any of them. Hint: One was the famous ‘Dil Scoop’ advertisement.





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