England Once Played Test Matches in Two Continents on Same Day

England Once Played Test Matches in Two Continents on Same Day

While most of the nations today have just one team to represent them in cricket tournaments and tours. There did come a time when England once played Test Matches in Two Continents on same day.

The teams were sent to New Zealand and the Caribbean to promote the sport of cricket. Now let’s talk about what happened in both of these matches.

England Once Played Test Matches in Two Continents on Same Day

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Match 1: England vs New Zealand

This match was held in Christchurch, in which the Kiwis had won the toss and had taken the decision to bat first. In their first innings, they managed to score just 112 runs. The top scorer was Roger Blunt, who managed to stay not out at the score of 45.
While the English in their first innings scored a comparatively better score of 181 runs, the top scorers were Duleep (49) and Geoffrey Legge (36). While again, the kiwis, in their second innings, scored just 131 runs. Only the Kiwi skipper Tom Lowry managed to put up some challenge by scoring 40 notches.

The Kiwis hence set a target of just 63 runs for the English, which they easily achieved, and the English went on to win the match.

Match 2: England vs West Indies

Held in Barbados, the toss was won by West Indies, who elected to bat first. They managed to put up a decent score of 369 runs. The main scorers were Clifford Roach (122 runs) and Frank de Caires (80 runs).

While the English, in their first innings, smashed a huge total of 467 runs. This was all thanks to Andy Sandham (152) and Patsy Hendren (80). West Indies, in their second innings, scored 384 runs. George Headley played a phenomenal inning of 176 notches. The English were given a target pf 287, but the time ran out, and they were 167/3 before the match ended in a draw.




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