Most ODI Centuries While Chasing

Most ODI Centuries While Chasing A Score I Cricketfile

Most Number of ODI Centuries While Chasing

Most ODI centuries while chasing might not be that demanding as even if one fails to do so, the match is considered to be drawn. But in the case of ODIs, the overs are limited and hence, batsmen have to make sure that the runs keep flowing.

To judge a batsman’s skills with regards to batting, it is better to know how many centuries he has scored while chasing. So, here is a list of those batsmen who have scored the maximum number of centuries doing this.

List Of Batsmen Who Have Done This

So, these are the statistics when it comes to batsmen who have scored the greatest number of centuries in ODI format.

Most ODI Centuries While Chasing

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Table 1.1

Batsman Name Total Centuries Centuries While Chasing
Sanath Jayasuriya 28 10
Chris Gayle 25 11
Rohit Sharma 29 14
Sachin Tendulkar 49 11
Virat Kohli 43 26

Table 1.2

Batsman Name Percentage Of Centuries Made While Chasing
Sanath Jayasuriya 35.71%
Chris Gayle 44%
Rohit Sharma 48.28%
Sachin Tendulkar 22.45%
King Kohli 60.47%

Now, let’s talk about some of the conclusions that one can draw from these tables.


  • Virat Kohli, without a doubt, has managed to score the highest percentage of 100s while chasing and has also made the greatest number of centuries.
  • Rohit has played an almost similar number of ODIs as Virat but his number of centuries scored in total is very less. But he comes second in terms of the percentage of centuries scored while chasing a target.
  • Sachin Tendulkar had the most prolific career and is currently #1 in terms of someone who has scored the maximum number of ODI 100s. Still, he scored just 11 centuries while India was chasing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who has scored maximum centuries while chasing in ODI format?

Virat Kohli has scored the maximum number of ODI centuries while chasing.





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