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Best Indian Cricket Songs I Indian Cricket Songs


Songs are ubiquitous in urban life in India. You can hear them at the local dukandaar and even at the barber’s shop. But yes, there are Indian cricket songs that are just fabulous.

Best Indian Cricket Songs List

1. Aashayein

No discussion about any type of cricket songs is complete without this one. While this was featured in Iqbal, it is all about hope. Yes, Asha in Hindi means hope and the name of song personifies that spirit of being hopeful about dreams that might seem impossible for the time being.

It is played as a dance song in schools and colleges too and is a must listen for everybody irrespective whether one is a cricket fan or not.

2. Har Gully Main Dhoni Hain

MSD’s biopic is the movie from which this one has been taken from. The lyrics tell us in a literal and metaphorical sense that yes, there is a MSD in every street of India.

Many cricketers today hail from middle class or lower middle class background and it draws our attention to that. Being connected to one’s roots and beginnings is also worthwhile lesson that one can take from it.

3. Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo

The sheer energy that the KKR’s anthem brings to anyone with its lyrical meaning combined with the musical overtune is just not enough. Humming it in your mind is something that can energize anyone and listening to it is an experience.

The essence and the meaning is do, fight and win. That’s all it is all about.

4. De Ghumake

Those who have followed the 2011 World Cup might recall it. Do listen to it and you will understand while it has managed to make its way into the list. Yes, India won the 2011 World Cup but the song has been forgotten by almost all. There were many other things that got ‘viral’ (in today’s sense) back then.

Do let us know in the comments if you remember any of them. Hint: One was the famous ‘Dil Scoop’ advertisement.





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Most Runs In Powerplay In IPL | IPL Most Runs In Powerplay



While field restrictions that were akin to powerplay became mandatory since 1980 in ODI matches, the term was given an official status in 2005 by ICC. When it comes to T20 matches, the duration lasts for the initial 6 overs of any given innings.

Instances When Most Runs In Powerplay In IPL Were Scored





MI 82/1 MI Vs KXIP 2017
RCB 83/4 RCB Vs SRH 2015
DC 84/1 DC Vs DD 2009
MI 84/0 MI Vs DC 2018
KXIP 86/1 KXIP Vs SRH 2014
KTK 87/2 KTK Vs RR 2011
CSK 90/0 CSK Vs MI 2015
CSK 100/2 CSK Vs KXIP 2014
KKR 105/0 KKR Vs RCB 2017

Note: DC (Deccan Chargers) and KTK (Kochi Tuskers Kerala) are defunct franchises while DD (Delhi Daredevils) and KXIP (Kings XI Punjab) have changed their names to Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings respectively.

Now, let’s take a look at the run rate of these scored to get an idea about how well they batted. It should be noted that powerplay in IPL lasts for 6 overs.

Run Rate of Teams When They Scored Most Runs In IPL



Run Rate

MI 82/1 13.66
RCB 83/4 13.83
DC 84/1 14.00
MI 84/0 14.00
KXIP 86/1 14.33
KTK 87/2 14.50
CSK 90/0 15.00
CSK 100/2 16.67
KKR 105/0 17.50

As you can notice, most of them have their run rates in the range of about 14 or so with exception of the top three. The next natural question which one might have is that whether the team which scored so heavily won in the respective matches or not.

Result of Matches




MI MI Vs DC Lost

As expected, most of these matches were won by the teams that we mentioned in our list. Hence, getting that strong start in powerplay makes a foundation above which you can build your victory.

Fun Fact

The highest score of 105 notches was made against RCB.


What is the most runs made in a powerplay in IPL?

105 runs

What is CSK’s highest powerplay total?

100 runs

What is KKR’s highest powerplay total?

105 runs






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Fastest 7000 Runs In ODI | Who Made It Into Top 15?



Many might counter the reasoning behind talking about the specific number 7000. But there are factors which those that do this are missing. Talking about huge total runs in a format has other factors that might go out of our calculation.

These involve possible effects of injuries and other issues that might affect the natural performance (without statistical bias) of the player.

List Of Batsmen Who Scored Fastest 7000 Runs In ODI

Name Innings Taken To Make 7000th Run
Hashim Amla 150
Virat Kohli 161
AB de Villiers 166
Sourav Ganguly 174
Rohit Sharma 181
Brian Lara 183
Desmond Haynes 187
Jaques Kallis 188
Ross Taylor 188
Sachin Tendulkar 189
Chris Gayle 189
MS Dhoni 189
Ricky Ponting 192
Saeed Anwar 194
Michael Clarke 195

Batsmen Who Scored Fastest 7000 Runs In ODI

1. Hashim Amla

Surprisingly, Amla, who is at the top of this list managed to make just 8113 runs at the end of his illustrious career. This shows us what happens when a batsman scores consistently even for a short number of innings (150 in this case). Amla also has a brother involved in cricket.

2. Virat Kohli

The fittest vegan cricketer has it all as a batsman. The grit that takes him to greater individual scores like never before and this is evident by him making about 59.07 runs in every inning that he batted. He also has a good chance at breaking Tendulkar’s record in terms of number of ODI centuries as well.

3. AB de Villiers

His average of 53.50 is a testimony to the fact why he came in 3rd in this list. While he managed to play just 228 matches in his career, he scored about 9500 notches while hitting 25 tonnes and 53 fifties. ABD still is considered to be one of the best cricketers that have ever been involved in the game.

4. Sourav Ganguly

Dada takes us back to the time when we won the Netwest series under his leadership. While he might have become the BCCI President today, there was a time when he was a feared batsman in both ODI and Test cricket. He too like MSD has a high score of 183 runs in ODI.

5. Rohit Sharma

Rohit presently is the most dominating batsman in the ODI scene. While he is on one of the top spots on this list, his ability to go beyond 200 run mark in a single inning has been proven a record 3 times to date. Will he go beyond that mark once more is something worth looking out for.

6. Brian Lara

Brian 400* Lara played 299 ODI matches and ended up making 10405 runs. Lara isn’t talked about much these days besides his 400-run test knock but he was a great ODI batsman too. An interesting fact about him is that he has 10 other brothers and sisters.

7. Desmond Haynes

Many might not about Haynes given his career ended in 1994 but he was a giant batsman who contributed a lot to the West Indies team. Those who might know about him may recall his memorable 148 run knock against Australia. For those wondering why this is memorable, the hint is that it was his debut match.

8. Jaques Kallis

The Proteas batsman is one of the favourite batsmen of many cricket fans irrespective of their country. His career lasted for almost two decades from 1995 to 2014 with him making 11579 ODI runs. Besides ODI, he was also a very successful test player as well.

9. Ross Taylor

Taylor’s career is progressing but he is 37 so he might retire in the near future. Besides being of Samoan decent, he is also the lead Kiwi scorer in both test and ODI format. Not just that, Taylor at one time was also the Kiwi skipper. Another thing that makes him stand out from others is his 6 feet tall frame.

10. Sachin Tendulkar

If you felt that the number of runs clocked by Punter were immense, wait till we tell you about Sachin’s notches. His mountain consists of 18426 ODI runs. Yes, more than double of 7000. But surprisingly, his average isn’t above 50 as many might assume first hand (44.83).

11. Chris Gayle

While some players get ‘old’ and this gets reflected in their on-field performance, there are some who just don’t. Gayle is one of them. Besides partying, he is also an excellent cricketer and batsman. Chris is also one of the few who managed to cross the 200 runs in an inning mark in ODI.

12. MS Dhoni

Mahi besides making it into this list ended his career while keeping the average number of runs scored in an inning above 50. He too didn’t score much centuries as compared to 50s but his top score was that 183* run knock in Jaipur against the Lankan team.

13. Ricky Ponting

Punter represented the Aussies in 375 matches and put up a mountain of runs. One thing that stands out in Ponting’s case is that while we are talking about those batsmen that scored fastest 7000 runs in ODI in this list, he went beyond that and scored nearly double 7000.

14. Saeed Anwar

Anwar was once also the Pakistani captain for the two major formats. While his batting average wasn’t that good (39.21), his total runs scored in the format were close to 9000. Saeed’s career lasted from 1989 to 2003. He also is the number one Pakistani cricketer in terms of number of ODI centuries.

15. Michael Clarke

While Clarke may have been the last batsman in this list, throughout his ODI career, he managed to maintain an average of 44.58 runs per inning. Though a not so good highlight of his career was his inability to convert half-centuries (58) to centuries (8).


These were the batsmen that made the fastest 7000 runs in ODI format. They with their professional grit have shown us that cricket as a sport is one that has endless possibilities. Hopefully, someone will break the existing record set by Hashim Amla someday.






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Fastest 150 Wickets in Test | Who Are These 5 Bowlers?



Whether it is a spinner or a pacer, test format is a challenge in itself for them. And taking wickets and maintaining format is yet another must for them. Hence, bowlers who make it in this format are without a doubt the best of all.

5 Bowlers Who Took Fastest 150 Wickets In Test Format

Name Matches
SF Barnes 24
Waqar Younis 27
Yasir Shah 27
CV Grimmett 28
HJ Tayfield 29


1. SF Barnes

Barnes’s career dates back to the pre World War 1 era of the sport. His record of achieving this feat in just 24 matches seems unbreakable even today. Given the adverse conditions of that time, he is rightfully considered to be amongst the best bowlers that the world has ever seen.

2. Waqar Younis

While Waqar made his test debut against India, in total, he took 373 wickets in 87 matches. As a well-known fast bowler, he showed what doing something different as reverse swing (particularly at high speeds) can decimate the batting line up of the other team.

3. Yasir Shah

He is still an international cricket player who is in this list. Though aged 35, he has taken more than 230 wickets in just 44 games. Interestingly, while he is a bowler, he still has a test century to his name.

4. CV Grimmett

He too played an equal number of matches as Tayfield but took 216 wickets. But his era was before World War 2 from 1925 to 1936. While he was born in New Zealand, he represented Australia throughout his international career.

5. HJ Tayfield

While Tayfield touched the 150-wicket mark in 29 matches, his entire career lasted for 37 matches from 1949 to 1960. As many might know, this was a time when not many matches were conducted as commercialization was yet to set in.






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Saeed Ajmal Profile I Pakistani Cricketer I Cricketfile


About Saeed Ajmal

Saeed Ajmal is a prominent Pakistani cricketer. The renowned cricketer is known for his glorious achievements in the history of Pakistani cricket. He was born on October 14, 1977, in Faisalabad, Punjab.

He is a right-handed batsman and right-arm off-break bowler. Saeed is a cricket coach and former cricketer. He has played all forms of matches showing his true dedication and determination towards the game.

Ajmal has won man of the match in two test matches and one title in T20 format. Ajmal’s cricket career in the Test arena varies from 2009-2014. He started his ODI career in 2008 and discontinued it in 2015. Ajmal was also a crucial part of the Pakistani international team in the 2011 World Cup. Although Saeed Ajmal entered into the cricketing realm quite late but he became highly successful in the shortest time lapse.

Saeed Ajmal is one of the notable spinners in Pakistan. His outbreak bowling in doosra and off-spinning style makes him the most credible bowler of the Pakistan team. He performed extraordinarily in the 2009 T20 World Cup in England. He finished this tournament by amassing 12 trophies.

The club career highlights of Saeed include his contribution to teams such as Faisalabad Wolves, Dhaka Gladiators and Adelaide Strikers. Ajmal has collected 184 wickets in ODI. He has also earned 178 wickets in the test format and 85 wickets in the T20 area.

One of the glorious records of Saeed Ajmal includes scoring 50 wickets in 2011 in Tests format. He is also the second-fastest Pakistani bowler to earn 100 wickets in Tests. 2015 was the last year when Saeed Ajmal was seen actively playing.

On 13 November 2017, Saeed retired from all the formats of cricket but left a glorious legacy behind. Saeed Ajmal is still one of the most praised and highly recognized Pakistani cricketers in the national and international domain.

Domestic Career

Saeed Ajmal doesn’t only own a glorious international career but a gleaming domestic career too. He has played all forms of the game in his entire career. Saeed made his debut in domestic cricket in 1995 at the age of 18 and represented Faisalabad and won the 2005 ABN-AMRO Twenty-20 Cup, and he was declared as Man of the match.

Ajmal was named the tournament’s best bowler for his extraordinary performance in the whole game. He also got prize money of Rs 25,000. He also played for Khan Research Laboratories, who were runners-up in the final of 2008/09 Quaid-i-Azam Trophy unfortunately his team lost the final, Azmal took 5/105 and 2/55 and collected a total of 250 first-class wickets. Ajmal has also played some matches for Islamabad. He has been a phenomenal player throughout his domestic journey.

International Career

Saeed Ajmal is one of the finest bowlers of Pakistan and has always given tough competition to opponent teams. He has played many match-winning innings throughout his international career. From November 2011 to December 2014 International Cricket Council ranked him as the number one bowler in ODIs. Saeed debuted in ODIs against India on 2 July 2008.

He has a lot of achievements in his career. He is the 5th fastest player to hit 150 wickets in test matches; Saeed has the best career economy rate with an economy of (6.36). Also, Ajmal was the oldest player to take a maiden five wickets in an innings in his one-day internationals. He was the 5th player to take most wickets on a single ground (19) in 20 internationals. And the 3rd player to take the most wickets in a calendar in one-day internationals and many more records.

Saeed Ajmal has always given his best when he is on the field and helps his team win matches with his magical spell of bowling. He earned endeavours and fame through cricket. He has his academy named Saeed Ajmal International Cricket Academy in Faisalabad, Punjab, in which he gives training to the upcoming cricketers of Pakistan. Saeed Ajmal also holds a record of 10 wickets haul. He took ten wickets against England’s 1st test in 2012. He also grabbed six wickets against West Indies 2nd test in 2011. Some of his best-known match-winning innings came against Australia when he took ten wickets in the ODI series 2012 and snatched victory from Aussies.

Ajmal also contributed with his batting skills which helped Pakistan in winning under pressure games. He holds the ability to take his team to the winning side with his excellent bowling skills. He played the role of a backbone in the Pakistan cricket team for several years by putting enormous efforts from his side. Saeed always dominated batters with his off-spin bowling.

Ajmal bowled 1430 bowls in his twenty 20 internationals. Saeed Ajmal also owns the record for most runs in an inning by batting at no 11 positions. His best bowling average in Test matches is 22.72, and his best economy rate in an inning is 0.85. His records are immeasurable in the cricket field. He is one of the toughest bowlers globally, and his contribution towards his teams is worth praising.

Saeed Ajmal ruled the cricket horizon when he was at the peak level of his career. He played his last ODI against Bangladesh at Dhaka on 19 April 2015 and then said goodbye to his ODI career. He was one of the hard-working players of the Pakistani team. He always tried to give his 100 percent in matches, but due to his bowling action, Saeed got a ban from Pakistan Cricket Board for a long time.

When Saeed made his comeback, he lost his old charm, and after some time, he decided to retire and now runs his academy of cricket in his hometown.

Test Debut

Saeed Ajmal is undoubtedly one of the most talented bowlers of Pakistan. He made his Test debut on 4 July 2009 against Sri Lanka. He played a total of 64 matches in T20, in which he amassed a total of 84 wickets with an economy of 6.36 and an average of 17.8.

His overall Test career is exemplary and appreciable. Saeed Ajmal has achieved many milestones in his entire cricket career.  His stats in Test cricket are pretty fantastic. Even today, when he is off from cricket, his contribution to a Test pattern for the Pakistani team is cherished and reminisced.

ODI Debut

Saeed Ajmal is known by the nickname ‘Magician. His contribution to the National Pakistan Team has been pretty terrific especially in the One Day International area. He made his ODI debut on 2 July 2008 against India. In his ODI debut,  he shocked everyone with his fantastic spell of bowling.

Saeed Ajmal has played a total of 113 matches in ODIs and clinched 184 wickets with an economy of 4.18 and an average of 22.7 and unlocked many achievements in his career. Saeed Ajmal’s overall ODI cricket career is outstanding and worth praising.

T20 Debut

Saeed Ajmal debuted in the T20 realm in 2009 on 7 May with cap 31. His debut was against Australia. Since his debut, only he created a firm whack in the T20 region. In the shortest career span, he proved to be the most economical bowler.

His off-spinning bowling style created a magical aura. He proved to be a significant threat to the batters with his amazing bowling style. The level of bowling Pakistani cricket team reached whole new heights under Saeed Ajmal. He has been an exceptionally amazing player in the T20  horizons.

Saeed Ajmal Last Test Match

Saeed Ajmal’s last test match took place on 16 January 2014 against Sri Lanka.

He also debuted in Test cricket format against Sri Lanka. He is one of the talented bowlers in Pakistan. Ajmal has always given his best for his team when it comes to Test matches.

Saeed Ajmal Last ODI Match

Saeed Ajmal is quite a prominent off-spinner bowler in the One Day Internationals domain from Pakistan. He played his last ODI match on 19 April 2015 against Bangladesh. His ODI  jersey number is 50. His achievements in the ODI  format are pretty outstanding and worth admiring.

Saeed Ajmal Last T20 Match

Saeed Ajmal’s contribution to the T20 matches has been unmatched. He played his last T20 on 24 April 2015 against Bangladesh. Currently, Ajmal has taken retirement from all formats of cricket, and now he gives training to the youngsters of Pakistan in his cricket academy located in Faisalabad.

Saeed Ajmal Retirement

Saeed Ajmal is a well-known personality in the cricket world, and his contribution to Pakistani cricket is immeasurable. But, every hero has an ending. In Saeed’s case, when he got banned from international cricket due to his illegal bowling action and made his comeback in international cricket, he was not in good form as he was earlier.

Ajmal did not give his best performance as he lost his previous charm and confidence, and then he decided to retire. On 13 November 2017, Saeed Ajmal announced that he would no longer play any form of cricket. He said in his Youtube video that ICC didn’t care about any Pakistani bowler, so they banned him.

On 13 November, he played his last match, he played for Faisalabad against Lahore Whites in the Semifinals of 2017-18 National T20 Cup. After that match ended, he declared his retirement from all formats of cricket. It was a historical moment in cricket as Ajmal took his retirement after serving his nation for many years.

He was an inspiration for many cricket fans as they have witnessed his match-winning innings. ICC banned Ajmal in 2014 because he used ‘DOOSRA’ basically; it’s a delivery that off-spin bowlers used to confuse the batsmen. A Pakistani player introduced the term Doosra, and further, many bowlers adapted this style of bowling.

Later on, ICC banned it by saying that it is illegal to straighten their arm more than 15 degrees. Saeed criticizes ICC’s protocols to assess his bowling action as he faced a dip in his performance.

He retired with a heavy heart. Ajmal also got disappointed when Pakistan Cricket Board did not help him in his case. But we all have to admit that he has been an incredible player. He has established a magical aura in the Pakistani cricket realm.

Saeed Ajmal Bowling Action

Saeed Ajmal is an off-spinner and indeed a great bowler of his era. But, according to analysis, his bowling action was found illegal. Due to this, the Pakistan Cricket Board banned him from bowling in international cricket, which proved as the bitter turning point of Ajmal’s cricket career.

Saeed Ajmal Wickets

Saeed Ajmal is a magnificent bowler of the Pakistan team. He holds prestigious records. Saeed has also created history by his performance in the cricket world. He has 184 wickets in ODIs, 85 wickets in T20, and 178 wickets in test matches. He also owns a ten wickets haul.






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List Of Indian Cricketers Who Married Twice I Cricketfile


Indian Cricketers And Marriage

Given the value Indian society gives to the concept of family, marriage is one of the most important event in anyone’s life. Because of some or the other reasons, there have been a list of Indian cricketers who married twice. Let’s take a look at them and their personal life.

List Of Cricketers From India Who Married Twice

1. Javagal Srinath

The fast bowler from Karnataka Javagal Srinath married with a lady named Jyothsna in 1999. They divorced and Shrinath then tied the knot with journalist Madhavi Patravali almost a decade later in 2008.

2. Vinod Kambli

Vinod Kambli once played together with the God of Cricket himself as a young player in Mumbai. His first marriage was with Noella Lewis in 1998. She worked at the Blue Diamond Hotel in Pune city.

They went on their own ways and Kambli then married Andrea Hewitt, a model in the fashion industry. They were blessed with a son whom Vinod named Jesus.

Another point to note is the he converted to Christianity post getting married for the second time. Those who wish to know more about his personal life should read Vinod Kambli: The Lost Hero.

3. Mohammad Azharuddin

His life and involvement in the alleged fixing scandal was covered in the movie Azhar. Though many might not know that Mohammad Azharuddin married two times till now as well. His first wife was Naureen with whom he got married in 1987. Azhar had two sons with her but then got a divorce in 1996.

Then Sangeeta Bijlani became his wife but they too allegedly divorced in 2010 as speculations were rife that he was in a relationship with Jwala Gutta.

4. Dinesh Karthik

He is perhaps the most surprising entry in this list as he is known to be a calm and thoughtful cricketer and person. His first marriage with Nikita Vanjara got over in 2012 as she allegedly had an affair with Murali Vijay. Interestingly, after divorcing Dinesh, she married Vijay.

As of now, Dinesh Karthik is in a marital relationship with fellow sportsperson and squash player Dipika Pallikal.




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World Test Championship Winner I Ind vs Nz WTC Final Match


World Test Championship 2019-2021

The journey of the first ever WTC began in 2019 and culminated after about 2 years in England. Let’s look at what went down as things progressed. India and New Zealand secured their place for contending for the World Test Championship Final. Who will come up as the World Test Championship winner? Read more to get the update.


The Kiwis won the toss and decided to bowl first.

Match Venue

Rose Bowl Stadium, Southampton, England


India: Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Rishabh Pant (wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Shami, and Jasprit Bumrah.

New Zealand: Tom Latham, Devon Conway, Kane Williamson (c), Ross Taylor, Henry Nicholls, BJ Watling (wk), Colin de Grandhomme, Kyle Jamieson, Neil Wagner, Tim Southee, and Trent Boult.

Match Summary

India’s 1st Innings

While Ajinkya Rahane was the top scorer from the Indian batting arsenal, he did miss his half-century by a run. Early fall of wickets for the Indians meant that their top guns like Rohit Sharma couldn’t leave a mark as they should have.

Though skipper Virat Kohli and Rahane stabilized things for the squad. But besides them, the rest of the middle and lower batsmen couldn’t do much and India had to stay content with a score of a mere 217 runs.

Kylie Jamieson was the bowler that was responsible for the Indian debacle. He took 5 wickets.

New Zealand’s 1st Innings

The Kiwi side too faced a similar crisis when it came to building partnership but they ended up at a better score of 249 notches. Devon Conway (54) and skipper Kane Williamson (49) became the dependable duo for NZ.

The Kiwis could have gone for even a better score had it not been for Shami who sent 4 of their players to the pavilion.

India’s 2nd Innings

If India’s 1st batting innings ended badly then 2nd one can be termed as having gone miserably. The squad could score just 170 runs.

Youngster Rishabh Pant (41) and Rohit Sharma (30) were the two who could cross the 20-run mark. This time, it was Tim Southee (4 wickets) and Trent Boult (3 wickets) who ensured India couldn’t make full use of its potential scorers.

New Zealand’s 2nd Innings

New Zealand easily chased the set target of 139 as skipper Kane Williamson (52) and Ross Taylor (47) took them to the finish line. They achieved this feat of winning the WTC tournament while just 43 deliveries were left.

R Ashwin managed to dismiss both the Kiwi openers but it was quite clear that the New Zealand wasn’t going to let the championship go away.

World Test Championship Winner

New Zealand won the first ever World Test Championship. The match winning partnership of Taylor and Williamson helped Kiwis achieved the feat. Their pacers were also brilliant in both the innings. New Zealand defeated India by eight wickets.

Why India Lost?

The poor performance of Indian team with the bat made it difficult for the bowlers to defend their team from an obvious defeat. They also dropped a couple of chances in the second innings. The game was heavily affected by rain and it went on to the reserve day.

Hopefully, India will again make into the final in the next edition and win the same to forget their defeat in Southampton.

Winning Runs

Ross Taylor hit the flick to the deep square leg and bowl reach to the boundary rope and Taylor claimed four runs.

Match Result

New Zealand won the match by 8 wickets.

Man of the Match

Kyle Jamieson

Winning Captain

Kane Williamson

Losing Captain

Virat Kohli


  • Great tribute for BJ Watling as he was playing his final test match.
  • Nine consecutive tests without a defeat for kiwis in 2020-2021.






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Cricket Movies In Hindi | Hindi Cricket Movies I Cricketfile


The excessive fanfare that cricket gets in India is second to none. More than a billion people isn’t what it is all about. For someone from outside who looks at the Indian streets, finding youngsters playing the sport with zeal might be surprising. But for us Indians, it is an everyday sight. It is an unwritten rule that fans irrespective of their age will surely watch the game for a delivery or two before moving on with their everyday life. For many, it reminds them of their childhood and brings a smile to their face. For others, it gives hope. The same is true with India’s largest film producing industry, Bollywood. Cricket movies in Hindi give aspiring cricketers hope and to the others, a peek into the life of their heroes when watching biographical ones.

For discussing all the 14 movies, we have divided them into two sections, the top rated and the other ones. It shouldn’t be assumed that the ‘other’ ones aren’t worth your time. They are after all stories whether based on reality or pure fiction that will entertain you or teach you or maybe inspire you for becoming better.

Top Rated Cricket Movies In Hindi

1. MS Dhoni: The Untold Story

Late Sushant Singh Rajput got immortalized by this movie. It portrays how MSD started out from a lower middle family and went on to not only represent but also lead the Indian team.

Given the enormous size of his fan base, it has also been made available in Tamil and Telugu. The struggles that Dhoni went through have been captured in this masterpiece and Sushant’s acting skills have brought MSD to life even in the film.

If you have watched it and are Mahi’s fan, perhaps it is time to watch it again. It went on to become the fifth most successful one to date in terms of box office collection.

2. Lagaan

Perhaps the 1st most known movie of the 2000s that went beyond cricket. Lagaan implies the tax that was imposed at the time of British India and the film revolves around the question whether the villagers will pay it or not?

Then what is its relation with cricket you may ask. The deciding factor here is just one match. If the residents of Champaner win, they will get an expemtion and if they lose, they have to pay more of it.

The catch here is that they don’t know anything about the sport and have to learn everything right from the basics. Will they defeat the British and get an exemption?

3. Sachin: A Billion Dreams

Given the sheer number of years Master Blaster has played cricket for India, there are multiple generations who are his fans.

Though Sachin: A Billion Dreams is a documentary film, it makes a valid point. Those whom we consider haven’t had their sports careers always in their favour. The film also talks about the Gregg Chappell episode of the team which wasn’t particularly pleasant for many.

The ending has a surprise for all as it conveys us something that touches our hearts. Another point to note is that the narration is by Sachin himself to ensure you get a ‘Sachin feel’ about it.

3. Iqbal

Even if you haven’t watched Iqbal, you would still have listened to Aashayein. Yes, the song that was on the lips of millions as motivation is from this movie. It revolves around a boy who dreams of becoming a cricketer but is discouraged by his father. Destiny then lands him under the guidance of a local drunkard who was once a great player.

The twists and turns continue but will he make it into the men in blue? For admirers and fans of Kapil Dev, he also makes a guest appearance for relevant reasons. One thing is for sure though, you will hum the song for a few days after watching it.

4. Jannat

While the name means heaven, it isn’t about the one that many usually think of. The heavenly phase doesn’t last long as the protagonist is involved in the sinister game of fixing matches. While the two main stories are about his fixing venture and his love story with his romantic interest, the ending has a lesson for us all.

Will a polar mixture of greed and love triumph or will it all end in a disaster? Why disaster you might ask. The police as usual as involved. But wait, there is an added factor too, the underworld given the obvious illegal nature of it all.

5. Azhar

Mohammad Azharuddin and his career was tainted by the alleged fixing scandal. While many will watch Azhar for knowing the truth of it all, they are in for a surprise.

It covers his life as well and the toll that the incident took on him as a result of the ban. Whether the movie is based on truth or not when it comes to fixing is something for the fact checkers to figure out.

But he too was major cricket player that helped India in all his capabilities for most of his career. The songs too are worth listening to for connoisseurs of music.

6. Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii

Brought a smile to your face? Don’t know what we are talking about? Read the tile of this post again. Anyway, orphans for the most part are considered to have been neglected by society but the protagonist in this case is different.

The twist is that he gets hold of a magic bat that helps him become a part of the Indian team. But the captain of the team too has his own issues to deal with.

The ending again is all about hope. Many of us have watched the movie as a child but for the younger generation, it is a must watch especially as a kid.

7. Kai Po Che

No, we haven’t placed it at the end because of our dislike of Chetan Bhagat (which we do for obvious reasons), it has more to do with the fact that it is a gem. The flashback type of the movie tells us the religious riots and their impact. The end message is the humanity stands tall and has the capacity to overcome every obstacle that there is.

A must watch for all because of the above-mentioned reasons. The involvement of cricket is just a cherry on the top and perhaps also the minor focal point of the plot.

Other Cricket Movies In Hindi

1. Patiala House

While in reality families of now famous cricketers have mildly opposed their son’s choice of playing cricket, Patiala House is about absolute opposition. Gattu wants to play for England but his father doesn’t want him to do anything with the sport. But his friends make sure that he tries his best.

Added issue that the movie wishes to address is that of racism and what the change in the situation has been. A point to note here is that movie is related to cricket but isn’t simply about cricket.

2. Million Dollar Arm

While almost all movies in this list are directly about cricket, this one involves an American trying to scout baseball talent not knowing the popularity cricket enjoys in India.

What the film tells us is that cricket and baseball might be different but yes, cricketers too can be great baseball players. The reasoning behind the name will get clear once you watch it entirely and the associated emotions like unintended greed.

3. Dishoom

The top Indian cricketer has been allegedly abducted and IPS Kabir has to find him anyhow. Before he heads over to the Middle East where the match is about to happen, his girlfriend cheats on him and he is left heartbroken.

Will he and his local colleague for the time being help him along with a pickpocket find the cricketer or will it be too late. John Abraham and Varun Dhawan together will give you an experience of bromance compounded with action which Abraham is well-known for.

4. Hattrick

While the movie at the time of its release didn’t get the traction as hit ones do, it does have an interesting plot. A doctor who doesn’t like cricket gives treatment to a cricketer and this affects his relationship with his wife that she doesn’t like it.

Another reason is the presence of Nana Patekar who is lucid and brings life to his character as always. The message of the movie is that family is everything at the end of the day and without the understand of love, a person is incomplete.

5. Ferrari Ki Sawari

Sachin’s car has been stolen but the thief doesn’t have any idea of having done this. But the reason behind doing this is connected to cricket. The movie features Sharma Joshi and Boman Irani who also appeared in fan favourite 3 idiots.

While Ferrari in the film’s name might gotten clear to you, the sawari isn’t just about driving the car, it is the entire pace things go in the same.

Fun fact, the movie fetched more than 4 times its budget. Do watch in your upcoming movie binge.

6. The Zoya Factor

What happens when a cricketer who doesn’t believe in luck encounters something that changes his belief? Isn’t enough? Throw in her love life and the entire saga of her being the lucky charm of the team and the associated tussles.

But will the luck last or will the story end in a completely different manner.


Hope you found the movies that have been your favourite and others may have found their way into your watch list. Surely Hindi movies related to cricket but we would also recommend you to explore others in Telugu and Marathi too with subtitles if possible.

The reason being that the essence of cricket transcends language when it comes to experiencing it with the help of cinema.




Featured Image

Hokaito Zhimomi | First IPL Squad Member From Nagaland


About Hokaito Zhimomi

Born on 24th September 1986, Hokaito Zhimomi faced a plethora of problems while trying to make his mark in cricket. Zhimomi hails from Sangtamtila that is in the same district as the state’s capital of Dimapur.

His main troubles were related to lack of cricket grounds or other basic infrastructure which then plagued the North-Eastern states of India. It should be noted that he has represented the Assam state team as well.


He is a batsman who also bowls occasionally.

Performance In Domestic Cricket

First Class

Since the beginning of his 1st class career in 2012, he has played 20 matches scoring 697 runs with an average of 21.8 runs per inning. Surprisingly, his score stands at whopping 177. As for the number of 100s and 50s, he has made 2 and 1 of them respectively.

List A

In 16 List A games, he has made 153 notches with his personal best standing at 72* runs. This innings of his is also the only time when he made a half-century.


His T20 career has been the most interesting of all. The reason being him being able to maintain an average of 32 runs with a strike rate of just 120.8. This shows us that he is a consistent performer when it comes to scoring runs in the domestic T20 format.


He was part of the KKR squad in the second edition of the league in 2009. Though he didn’t play any matches since he wasn’t a part of the playing 11.


Given the zeal of BCCI to ensure that the north-eastern states don’t get left out like before, we hope that many more players like him become an integral part of the ongoing emerging talent in the sport.

A player from the region wearing team India’s jersey might further bring the motivation and drive into the minds of youngsters who want to make their career in sports.





Featured Image

Ball Tracking Technology In Cricket | Cricketfile



Ball Tracking Technology in Cricket was first used in a test match between England and Pakistan on 21st May 2001. Since its inception, is has been used for giving a final say on a doubtful LBW decision. The striking thing about ball tracking is that it can factor in and illustrate swing in a delivery.

While it may be obvious that it is centred around the bowler, batsmen too benefit from it as they can see how their shot selection and success rate varied across different types of deliveries.

Current Operational System

While most know about Hawk-Eye as the system that is used, many don’t know that the end on screen representations are called Shot Spot. It needs a minimum of 6 cameras for triangulation and generation of a 3D model of the delivery. Its accuracy is within the margin of 4 mm.

With regards to development, it was created by Paul Hawkins and is currently owner by SONY.

Use of Ball Tracking Technology In Cricket

It is used in several sports for the exclusive purpose of predicting what is and what could have been the trajectory (path travelled) by the ball in question. The technology is a testimony to what tech can do to sports to change the latter for good. It should be noted that decisions getting overturned due to this system isn’t a rare phenomenon.

Interestingly, some computer games use this in their gameplay including the likes of Ashes Cricket 2009 and Brian Lara International Cricket series.

Advantages of Ball Tracking Technology

  • Helps in making difficult decisions
  • Makes understanding finer details simple
  • Analysis of bowlers becomes specific and hence, they can work to improve themselves
  • The chances of making a wrong decision get reduced or almost nullified
  • The variation of an over can be shown at the end of the final delivery
  • A bowler’s performance becomes clear when one puts together multiple tracked paths in one frame

Disadvantages of Ball Tracking Technology

  • Takes time for evaluation
  • Isn’t implementable in low level tournaments

Ball Tracking Rules

There are some ball tracking rules that one must be aware of. These rules are axioms on which the entire process is dependent.

  • Point of pitching
  • Impact location relative to the batsman’s leg
  • Resulting predicted path

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Is Ball Tracking Done in Cricket?

Ball tracking is done in cricket by making mathematical calculations and building a plausible model about the trajectory of the ball.
A point to note here is that the resulting ball path that gets shown is the most plausible one. It does consider several factors but it shouldn’t be assumed that it is 100% perfect.

What Is Ball Tracking System?

Ball tracking system is used in sports like volleyball, rugby, tennis and cricket to predict the trajectory of the ball.
The system helps match officials, umpires and referees in making crucial decisions that might affect points, goals or runs directly or indirectly.

How Do You Do Ball Tracking?

Ball tracking can be done by making use of the designated equipment. In cricket, hawk-eye system is used for doing so.
It makes use of the computer vision technology. What it does is make its inferences based on the video input given.