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Dew Factor In Cricket

When you are watching a match, there are many situations when the dew factor is discussed. Let’s unravel what the dew factor in cricket means. Dew factor is the moisture in the environment, which impacts the game during the day and night matches. It plays a pivotal role in the game. Generally, dew forms in the environment when evening arrives, and it increases in quantity till the night appears. It covers the pitch with a layer of moisture and wetness.

The dew factor is majorly prominent in the day-night matches. Because moisture in the air starts appearing at nighttime because of atmospheric phenomena. Earlier dew factor was not very popular because mostly the matches used to take place in the daytime only. But, with the emergence of technologies and the advent of time, matches can occur at night. The dew factor often hinders night matches. In fact, when the amount of dew gets high in the environment, then often the matches also get cancelled.

The dew factor is of immense importance because it impacts the performances of teams. Teams often formulate decision-taking dew factor in a note while choosing for batting and bowling. Because of the dew factor, the team winning the toss goes for bowling first. It is because the dew factor impacts the bowler’s performance to great folds. Spinners often face difficulty in bowling when there is moisture in nature and dew on the pitch’s surface.

But, the dew factor bestows a great advantage to the batsman. Bowlers do not have a stable grip on the ball, and they can’t deliver it with the same agility and dexterity. This factor helps the batsman in gaining extra runs. We can conclude that the dew factor works against the bowling team, but it is quite advantageous for the batting team. Dew factor raises the prospects of winning for the batting team by giving them an edge over the bowlers and fielders.

Why Does Dew Form in the Nighttime?

Water vapours are an integral component of the air. It also results in the formation of dew in nature. When there are warmer temperatures, the air holds water vapour quite effectively. But when the air is cold and condensed, it lacks the stability to clench the water vapours. It further results in the bursting of moisture into the environment.

he water vapours unlock from the air in the form of moisture-laden dew drops. The dew droplets fall on the surfaces and especially on grass and make the grass wet and moisture-rich; the process of dew formation is more prominent at the night time, early morning and at twilight.

How to Overcome the Dew Factor?

Following are the top five ways by which one can eliminate the dew factor during the cricket matches:

  • The administration team must guide the pitch keepers about the dew formation. It should instruct them to abstain from cleaning the pitch with water for at least three days before the match.
  • Second, cut the grass to the lowest stage possible. Keeping the grass short will help in decreasing the quantity of moisture that accumulates on grass leaves.
  • Use ropes between the match break to soak the formed moisture from the pitch’s surface.
  • There are a variety of non-toxic sprays available in the marketplace which can decrease the effect of dew. Spraying them uniformly all over the field will help in soaking all the dew from the pitch.
  • The best way to overcome dew factor is super-soppers. It is a powerful weapon that soaks all the moisture from the pitch in a super-fast manner.

How Does Dew on the Pitch Affect a Game?

 Dew on the pitch forges a lot of complications in the cricket match. It creates trouble for the spinners and fast bowlers. They cannot maintain a strong grip on their ball because of the moisture on the ball and pitch. Dew also creates difficulties for the fielders as they find it hard to catch the slippery ball. Although, dew works in favour of the batsman. He can easily score good runs as dew hampers the delivery proficiency of the bowler. Basically, dew is a favourable aspect for the batting time but a bane for the bowling team.

How Does Dew Affect a Bowler’s Performance?

Dew creates serious troubles for the bowlers. It restricts the spinners from attempting the ball with varieties. Spinners lack the appropriate line and length, destroying the resilience of the bowling style. They lose their grip and struggle hard to attain momentum and hold on to the ball.

Dew is also pretty challenging for the fast bowlers. Fast bowlers tend to rub the ball to attempt fast bowling. But, when there is dew, the ball becomes extremely wet. The seam of the ball is of cloth which takes a very long time to dry. In these ways, dew makes bowling really a task for bowlers.

How Does Dew Affect a Fielder’s Performance?

Dew does not only trouble the bowling team’s captain and bowlers but it also poses serious challenges for fielders. When there is dew on the surface of the pitch, the ball tends to become extremely wet. It becomes really soapy and slippery which makes catching very hard for the fielders.

They have to be more cautious and skilful while catching balls during the night matches when the rate of dew is relatively high. The fielder remains extra vigilant and catches the ball with more concrete support than usual. Dew definitely increases the approach of fielders.






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Essay On Cricket For Students In English I Cricketfile


Cricket is an immensely loved sport and we have decided to write an essay on cricket for students in English. The prominence of this sport is increasing at a rapid pace. In professional terminology, cricket is a definitive sport played with the amalgamation of accessories like a bat, ball, and stumps. Two teams comprising eleven members each play against each other.

Cricket was introduced in the 17th century and in the 18th century; it spread across the world. Since the advent of cricket, it has seen no backfalls. This sport spread like wildfire and became a major sport in almost all parts of the world.

Today, cricket is played on domestic to mega levels. The World Cup is by far the most prestigious tournament in cricket. It takes place once every four years. Until now, twelve world cups have taken place. India has won world cup titles twice, once in 1983 under Kapil Dev’s direction and another in 2011 under Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s captainship. Australia is the king of the world cup as it has won five titles.

There are major types of cricket- First-class cricket, Test, Twenty20, One day international, limited-overs cricket etc. All these forms vary in the type of pattern followed. The most prominent formats in cricket are-

  • Test: Test matches last for five days. It is the longest format in the cricket avenues. Test format comprises four innings with two innings per side. Approximately 98 overs take place in a day.
  • Twenty20: Twenty 20 is a short form of cricket. It is a game of twenty overs only. It is the most enjoyable format as it is a short and more entertaining one.
  • One day international: ODI or One-day internationals are the matches of 50 overs. Two teams compete against each other. Each team plays 50 overs and tries to score the most. Most of the international matches take place in the ODI format only.

Cricket is quite popular across the globe. But it’s eminence knows no boundaries in India. IPL or Indian Premier League is a major fiesta in India. In the IPL, teams from different states participate and compete for the IPL title. The best part about the IPL is that cricketers from all the countries take part in it. IPL is not just a source of rejuvenation and enjoyment; it is an inventive approach to celebrate the qualities like integrity, companionship, sportsmanship etc.

Cricket has also given us the most valuable sports. In India, the most admired cricketers are Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, Zaheer Khan, Anil Kumble, Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj Singh, Mithali Raj, Jhulan Goswami, Smriti Mandhana, and Harmanpreet Kaur.

The most prominent world cricketers include Sir Don Bradman, Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Viv Richards, Shane Warne, Imran Khan, Brian Lara, Chris Gayle, Kane Williamson, Steve Smith, Marnus Labuschagne.

Cricket is the most played sport across the world. From the budding kids playing in the streets to professional matches globally, cricket is sheer dominance. It is a delight to the eyes and a great source of time pass.

We hope you like the Essay on cricket.





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Melbourne Cricket Ground I Melbourne Cricket Stadium


The Melbourne Cricket Ground has seen some of the greatest ever cricket matches till date. So, it’s quite vital that we talk about the stadium’s past. Another of its name by which it is known as is MCG.

The stadium holds a record for being the largest overall stadium in the Southern Hemisphere (not just the largest cricket stadium).  It was created in the year 1853. It also holds the honor of being the main stadium for the Summer Olympics of 1956.

It is also the stadium which held the first ever international test cricket match and the first ever ODI (One Day International). It was also a organizing venue for two ICC cricket world cups (2015 and 1992).

Besides cricket, it also regularly holds Australian Football games. It is perhaps the most important cricket stadium in the world after Lords in England. It is also commonly referred to as the MCG which is an abbreviation of its name.

It is also famous for the annual Boxing Day test matches which are played here. It has also been declared to be a ‘heritage site’ by the Australian government. It was great decision since this place has seen so much of the early days of cricket.

Some of the memorable events related to cricket which happened here were Muralidharan getting his bowls labelled as ‘no balls’ by the on-field umpire for allegedly chucking the ball, the Pakistani cricket team winning the ICC World Cup in 1992 and the famous underarm delivery by Trevor Chappell.

The stadium is also home to the Australian sports museum which has been built by Australian government to promote the importance of playing sports in the younger generation of Australians.

Hence, we can all agree that this particular stadium is a relic in the cricketing world and hopefully it will see many records break on it.






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Mohammad Azharuddin Profile I Indian Cricketer I Cricketfile


About Mohammad Azharuddin

The very first thing which comes to our mind when we hear the name ‘Mohammad Azharuddin’ is match fixing. We will discuss about that too but let’s us first discuss about Mohammad Azharuddin, the cricketer.

Born on February the 8th 1963 in Hyderabad, Azzu aka Azhar is the son of Yousuf Sultana and Mohd. Azizuddin. He made his test debut on 31st December 1984 against England while he made his ODI debut on 20th January 1985 against the English.

He managed to score a hundred in his very first test innings. Interestingly, his performance was far better in the first-class cricket as compared to international cricketing formats. With an average of 50+ (51.98), he managed to smash 54 centuries in this format.

He till date is the only Indian cricketer who has managed to score a century in his first and last test match. Another observation about him is that he bowled in almost every other format of cricket than test cricket.

He was also a one-time politician who managed to win the Lok Sabha from the Moradabad constituency in the 2009 General Elections. He won by almost a margin of approximately 50,000 votes. As of now, he is still a member of the INC (Indian National Congress).

Azhar’s career ended in 2000 when he was tried and found guilty of fixing matches. BCCI immediately banned him for life. A middle order batsman, he was well-known for the ways in which he used his wrists while batting.

His highest average as a test cricket batsman was against the New Zealand cricket team (61.23). If we talk about the awards which he has received till date then they are as follows.

  • Cricketer of the year 1991 – By Wisden
  • Padma Shri – 1988
  • Arjuna Award – 1986

He even has a film made about him by the name of ‘Azhar’.

Mohammad Azharuddin Test Debut

He made his test cricket debut on 31st December 1984 in Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Azhar made 110 runs in his first innings after facing 322 bowls. He smashed 10 fours in this inning. While in the second innings, he did not get the chance to bat.

If we talk about the match, then India had won the toss and had taken the decision to bat first. India managed to put up a strong score of 437 runs for 7 wickets. Ravi Shastri also scored a hundred in this innings (111 runs).

In response, the English only managed to score 276 runs. Allan Lamb was the top scorer who clocked 67 runs in total. He was assisted by Mike Gatting (48 runs) and Graeme Fowler (49 runs). Chetan Sharma (4 wickets) and Shivlal Yadav (4 wickets) played a crucial role in stopping the English.

India scored 29 runs for 1 wicket before the match was drawn.

Mohammad Azharuddin ODI Debut

Azhar made his ODI debut on 20th January 1985 in Bengaluru against the English. He made his debut alongside Sadanand Viswanath.

As for his batting performance, he played a decent innings of 47 runs while managing to hit 6 fours. He also maintained the highest strike rate out of all the Indian batsmen in this ODI.

With regards to the match itself, then the English had won the toss and had decided to bowl first. India while batting first, managed to put up an average total of 205 runs with the help of Azhar (47*) and skipper Sunil Gavaskar (40).

The English bowler Vic Marks took 3 wickets to his credit. He was assisted by his teammates Phil Edmonds and Norman Cowans who took a wicket each. The English managed to complete the chase thanks to the performance of Allan Lamb (59 runs) and Graeme Fowler (45 runs). Hence, Azhar made a decent ODI debut.

Mohammad Azharuddin Match Fixing Scandal

The one question which people ask the most about him is this particular one. What happened was that Azhar was banned by the BCCI after the detailed report of the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) which said that that he had engaged in match fixing.

It is said that it was he who had introduced Cronje to the bookies. Cronje himself asserted this in the hearing in which he plead guilty to the charges. Azharuddin was implicated along with his other teammates, Manoj Prabhakar, Ajay Sharma and Ajay Jadeja.

Now another bizarre thing happened. Cronje died in a plane crash in the year 2002. All the answers which we could have gotten today about what Azharuddin’s involvement was were gone after his death.

Azharuddin alleges to this day that he has done nothing wrong in his career to taint India’s image but the question remains, why did CBI project him as guilty? There are a lot of questions in this puzzle which have no direct answer.

Cronje himself was a prolific match fixer. You can guess this by the fact that he had 70 accounts in the tax heaven region of Cayman Islands. Unfortunately, the South Africans closed the case after his death.

We are still way far away from the truth about what actually happened? Did Hansie has a personal score to settle with Azharuddin? This might be a possible reason why he named Azhar.

If we talk about BCCI’s response about the verdict in which Azhar’s ban was lifted, then they have raised an issue that the court of law didn’t mention in its judgement that he wasn’t involved in any kind of match fixing.

Azhar is the current president of the Hyderabad Cricket Association. In our opinion, it is time to let the old wounds heal and look forward to a better future for cricket as a sport.





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Top 10 Richest Cricketers In The World in 2021 I Cricketfile



Money and cricket have almost become an inseparable duo when we talk about cricketers. Talking about the top 10 richest cricketers in the world in 2021 will give motivation to the youngsters who want to become international cricketing stars.

Though we would like to say that money is something that is an added plus point in the journey of becoming a great sportsperson. Remember, no individual is greater than the sport or the team.

List Of Top 10 Richest Cricketers In 2021

1. Sachin Tendulkar (170 Million Dollars)

With respect to Indian cricketers, Sachin Tendulkar was the first to land contracts worth millions of dollars. You would be surprised to know that he signed this type of deal as early as 1995 with WorldTel.

With respect to commercial endorsements with brands, many fans would recall a plethora of ads that he featured in while he was part of the Indian Team. It should be noted that brand Tendulkar isn’t dead yet and won’t be for some time to come.

2. Virat Kohli (129 Million Dollars)

Virat Kohli is a name that almost all youngsters have on their mind. His popularity is primarily because of some reasons that have defined him as a unique cricketer. They include his top-notch performance, aggressiveness, fitness and personality. He has also become the first celebrity to have crossed the 100 million mark in terms of Instagram followers.

As of now, he is the most popular cricketer that all advertisers and companies want to work with for promoting what they have to offer.

3. MS Dhoni (104 Million Dollars)

While Dhoni might have haven’t that stature as that of Sachin, the emotional connection that his fans have with him has ensured that he remains one of the highest paid cricketers. Besides promoting various products for brands, he was also in the news recently for planning to develop a kadaknath (a breed of chicken) farm.

4. Ricky Ponting (68 Million Dollars)

Perhaps one of the most controversial yet effective captain and cricketer hailing from Australia. Many will remember him like that but it is also true that he helped Australia win two back to back cricket world cups.

He is a prominent figure even after his retirement in Australia as someone who is looked up with respect by young and upcoming Australian cricketers.

5. Brian Lara (62 Million Dollars)

One of the legends of cricket that is well-known for his 400* runs inning by many. His career lasted from 1990 to 2007 and Lara once also met then American president Barack Obama. It is also pleasant to know that he has made several philanthropic gestures for the betterment of the society as well.

6. Shane Warne (50 Million Dollars)

While he has endorsed SMS companies, hair-loss-recovery products and he even owns a distillery, Warne has his own underwear line as well. Besides that, he is also a prominent cricket commentator in the Australian cricketing scenario.

7. Jacques Kallis (48 Million Dollars)

Post retirement, Kallis has founded a scholarship program for students and has also served as a head coach and batting consultant for various teams. His test average at the time of his retirement stood at 55.37 and it is indeed impressive.

8. Virender Sehwag (39 Million Dollars)

While his tweets are hilarious as always, the Sultan of Multan besides making a fortune is also contributing a lot to cricket with his academies throughout the country. While young cricketers are in the spotlight, the older generation of cricketers involving players like Viru will stay fresh in our memories.

9. Yuvraj Singh (35 Million Dollars)

He was one of the best performing players in the World Cup of 2011 that India won. Some of the companies that he has been associated with are Microsoft and his charity YouWeCan. His journey of recovering from cancer is indeed inspiring and motivating.

10. Shane Watson (25 Million Dollars)

An all-rounder, Watson has the distinction of being the highest paid foreign cricketer in the IPL from 2011 to 2015. He is still considered as amongst the top performing Australian all-rounders of all times.


Hope that this list of the richest 10 cricketers around the world has made you aware about the sheer fortune that one can build as a successful and well-established cricketer or a cricketing career after retirement.





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About Cricbuzz I Cricbuzz Website & App I Cricketfile


About Cricbuzz

It is one of the noted cricket websites that is owned and operated by Times Internet. It specialty is being available in multiple regional languages that helps it to connect with the local audience. It has millions of users that it helps to stay connected with the sport and ongoing matches. Its main competitors include espncricinfo.

While most cricket websites or blogs stay as it is, cricbuzz boasts a loyal audience connected via their smartphone application.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Cricbuzz App Is All About?

Cricbuzz app is about making sure that you as a user stays up to date via notifications and various other types of content. It makes it easier for the user to be in touch with the game without watching it.

Where We Can Find Cricbuzz App?

Android users can find the application on Google Play Store and Apple users can download the same from the app store. We recommend you to download the same from these two reputed sources since apk files may have a negative impact on your device.

How to Download Cricbuzz App?

You can download the cricbuzz app either by going to Google Play Store or the app store.

How to Open Cricbuzz App?

You can Google or search for its name on other search engines and click on its URL or If you want to directly head over to their website, simply make the site as a bookmark for easy access.

How to Create a App Like Cricbuzz?

You should learn coding and app development and put together a team of app developers for creating an application like cricbuzz.

What Is Cricbuzz Hindi App?

Cricbuzz as you know is available in various languages including Hindi. It involves sharing the English content in Hindi including commentary.

Cricbuzz App Which Country?

Cricbuzz application is from India.

How to Comment in Cricbuzz?

You can post your comment in the commentary section by clicking ‘have your say’ and then entering the required information.

How Does Cricbuzz Work?

Cricbuzz works by posting engaging content of different types and keeping the users informed about the updates related to the sport using their website and application.

Cricbuzz Live Audio Commentary?

While you might be thinking that the website and app provides commentary only in the form of audio, this isn’t the case. While audio indeed is available, text based updates are also a thing.

Free Hit In Cricket I Free Hit I Cricketfile


What is Free Hit In Cricket?

The concept of free hit is somewhat recent when it comes to cricket. It was made official in October 2007. As many of you might be knowing, it is given by the umpire when the bowler in question bowls a no ball.

Earlier, only the foot crossing the line while bowling would mean the batsman would be awarded with it but since 2015, all types of no balls result in a free hit being given.

Free Hit Rules In Cricket

  • Fielding side isn’t allowed to change the existing fielders’ locations.
  • A no ball on a free hit would mean another free hit on the upcoming delivery.
  • The umpire while awarding one to the batting side has to make a circular motion with his finger on the top of his head.

While most batsmen try to hit it big on a delivery like this one, there have been a lot of cases where batsmen fail to leverage things in their favor.

Can a batsman be stumped out on a free hit?

No, a batsman cannot be stumped out on a free hit. The allowed ways of dismissal on a free hit are run out, obstructing the field, touching the ball with the bat twice, and handling the ball.

It should also be noted that the wicketkeeper can stand at some safe distance away from the stumps just in case so he stays safe.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a free hit used for?

A free hit is usually used for playing a big hit. If that isn’t possible, the batsman still tries to hit a four to take maximum possible runs on the given delivery.
The main purpose of a free hit is to discourage the bowler from bowling a no ball as the repercussions of the doing the same are greater number of runs for the opposition team.

Is stump out is valid on free hit?

No, stump out isn’t valid on a free hit as per the laws of cricket.

Is free hit ball counted?

Yes, free hit ball is counted as a regular delivery of an over. The thing to note here is that the no ball that results in the free hit being awarded isn’t considered as a legitimate delivery.
But in case the free hit becomes a no ball or a wide ball, it isn’t counted and the next ball is then considered as a free hit.

Can you be out on a free hit?

Yes, there are four ways of getting dismissed on a free hit delivery.
Handling the ball
Getting in contact with the ball twice with the bat
Field obstruction
Run out.

Is free hit permanent?

No, a free hit or free hits are isolated incidents that are a result of no ball(s). There number may be different in every innings or match as you might have guessed.

Is Hit Wicket out on free hit?

Surprisingly, hit wicket dismissal isn’t considered a legitimate way of getting out on a free hit. On other normal deliveries, it is.

What is free hit after no ball?

Free hit basically implies restriction in terms of the number of ways a batsman can be dismissed. This gives immense freedom to the batsman and usually they go for taking the big shot on this delivery.

Is there a free hit in Test match?

No, there is no concept or provision of free hit in test cricket.

is there a free hit for height no ball?

Yes, there is a provision for giving free hit after facing a height based no ball.

Can a batsman be runout on free hit?

Yes, a batsman can be runout on a free hit. It is one of the four ways in which he can get dismissed.

When was Free Hit first Introduced?

Free hit was introduced in the T20I cricket world in 2007.

Are Field Changes allowed on a Free Hit?

No, besides minor changes in the position of the wicketkeeper, field changes aren’t allowed on a free hit.

What happens if the Batsman gets Bowled on a Free Hit?

The batsman won’t be dismissed and the play will proceed as usual.

What is the Umpire’s Signal for a Free Hit?

For giving the signal of a free hit, the umpire will make a circular gesture on the top of his head with his index finger.

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Suryakumar Yadav Profile I Indian Cricketer I Cricketfile


About Suryakumar Yadav

Suryakumar Yadav, who was born on 14th September 1990 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, currently plays for the Mumbai team in first class cricket and for Mumbai Indians in the IPL (Indian Premier League). He is a right-handed batsman who sometimes also bowls occasionally. He belongs to a middle-class family from Mumbai. He started playing the game as a child in the streets of Mumbai. His father then noticed his deep interest in the game and made sure that he was enrolled in a local cricket camp.

When he got a bit older, his coaches appreciated his talent and then he was sent to the academy of veteran Indian cricket Dilip Vengsarkar where he went on to be groomed by him.

With regards to his first-class debut, then he made it in the 2010-2011 prestigious Ranji Trophy Season for Mumbai. He performed very well for the Mumbai team and in the 2011-2012 season, he was the lead scorer for the squad with him scoring 754 runs at a whopping average of 68.54. Noticing his budding batting talent, famous IPL franchise Mumbai Indians bought him for the 2012 season. Interestingly though, he got just one chance to represent the team in this season.

But in the later seasons, he has managed to perform quite well for the Mumbai Indians. In between, he also represented the KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) who bought him in the 2014th edition. While he has performed significantly well in first-class and IPL cricket, he is yet to make a debut for the Indian squad. And he keeps performing well, that day might not be far away.

If we talk about his nicknames, then they are Sky and Surya. As for some of the stats of his career, He has played 77 first-class matches with an average of 39.68 runs.

Suryakumar Yadav Wife

Yadav is currently married to Devisha Shetty, who happens to be from a South Indian family. She like Suryakumar is a follower of the Santana Dharma, (Hinduism). While she might be ethnically a South Indian, she too like Surya was born in Mumbai.

They got married on July the 7th, 2016. She also has a sister by the name of Deeksha Shetty. Her father’s name is Devdas Shetty and mother’s name is Lata Shetty. She is also quite well-educated and also has an MBS degree.

While Suryakumar hails from a middle-class family, Devisha’s father owns hotels and hence it relatively quite rich. Interestingly, she is also a dancer. With regards to age, she is almost 3 years younger than Surya.

If we talk about how Suryakumar got impressed by her, then it was because of her dancing skills. She was also involved in social work via an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization).

Suryakumar Yadav Net Worth

Whenever we talk about a domestically famous cricketer like Suryakumar Yadav, it is natural that we would be curious with the amount of money that he makes. He as of now is an integral part of the Mumbai Indians team in the IPL. With regards to his net worth, it is expected to be from 1 million US dollars to 5 million US dollars.

You might be thinking that this is quite less. But the fact is, Surya is yet to represent team India. Once he does that, his brand value will increase even more. Hopefully, that will happen real soon!

Why is Suryakumar Yadav called as ‘Sky’?

If we talk about the main reason why he is referred to as Sky, then it is because if you break up his name into three parts, (Surya, Kumar, Yadav) and take the first letters of each word, you will see that this turns out to be ‘SKY’.

Another well-known reason for him getting called as Sky is because of his batting style. He routinely smashes sky high sixes and hence is known as Sky. His fans are really looking forward to the day when he would be selected to play for the national cricket team at the international level.

If we talk about his T20 career, he has played 158 matches till now and has batted with a decent average of 31.29. He has also managed to hit 13 half-centuries till now. His performance was so great that he became the most valued uncapped player at the IPL 2018 auctions.

Suryakumar Yadav IPL Debut

Yadav made his IPL debut in the 2012 edition against the then team, Pune Warriors. This match was played on the home ground of Surya’s team, the Mumbai Indians. If we talk about his performance as a batsman, then he managed to score 0 runs after facing 4 deliveries.

With regards to the match itself, then it was held on 6th April 2012. Mumbai had won the toss and had taken the decision to bowl first.

Pune Warriors while batting first scored a decent total of 129 runs. The top scorers were Steven Smith (39 runs) and Robin Uthappa (36 runs). With regards to the bowling attack of the Mumbai Indians, almost all of their bowlers managed to take a wicket or two.

While fans had thought that Mumbai would easily chase the target, the end result turned out to be completely different. They managed to score just 101 runs.

Suryakumar Yadav IPL Records

As we all know that Suryakumar Yadav has been playing IPL since a very long time (since 8 years till now to be exact). It is quite natural that people would be curious to know about his IPL records.

If we talk about the latest IPL (2020 edition) which took place then he scored 480 runs in total in 16 matches with a great average of 40 notches per innings.

In this edition, he clocked his highest ever strike rate too till date in IPL. It was 145.01. It was also a great IPL for him because he also clocked his highest ever IPL score till date.

Besides all these things, he also managed to score 4 half-centuries in total. We would also like to share a fact that till now, he has just bowled one over in the IPL and this too happened in 2014. Hopefully, we will see Surya establish more and more records in IPL.






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T20 International Cricket I Twenty 20 Cricket I Cricketfile


Introduction on T20 International Cricket

Did you know that the T20 format was originally conceptualized for domestic fans in various countries? Yes, it is true. But we all know how wildly popular it became throughout the commonwealth nations because of various domestic tournaments.

But, amidst their presence, the development and emergence of T20 international cricket has been forgotten. Let’s talk about that in detail besides other related details about it.


There were a few tournaments before T20 format went global that can be considered as the predecessors.

Cricket Max

Developed by Martin Crowe, Cricket Max allowed each team to bat for 10 overs. But wait, there was a catch, the size of the overs was changed from 6 balls to 8 balls.

Super 8s

This was an Australian attempt to make teams play matches with 8 players in each side.

First Ever Twenty 20 International Match

First T20I match was played on 17th February 2005 between Australia and New Zealand in Auckland. Some interesting things did happen though that day. While Australia managed to win the match by 44 runs, their skipper Ricky Ponting came close to making a century (98* runs).

While one might expect the scores to have been low given the limited number of overs, Australia put up a total of 214 runs.

Positive Effects

  • Increase In Popularity Of Cricket

Given the reduction in time of a cricket match getting over, more people found it easy to watch entire cricket matches without compromising their day or days in stadiums or at home.

  • Positive Economic Impact On Several Countries

For countries like India, the indirect impact of T20I cricket has been immense. This includes the economic impact. The huge marketing opportunities that such matches provide and unique.

  • Made The Sport More Interesting

While ODI and test format are great in themselves without a doubt, the possible oscillations in T20I format and the associated adrenaline rush appeals to young fans quite a lot.

  • Great Way Of Finding Young Talented Players

Since the matches for just 50 overs for each side, players have to give their best possible performance. Taking a chance on young players in T20I format before ODI and test cricket has led to many youngsters being discovered as great players.

Batsmen With 50+ Average In T20 International

There are only two batsmen who have their batting averages in Twenty-20 international cricket above 50. They are:

Top Individual Batting Scores In T20 International Cricket






AJ Finch 172 Australia Zimbabwe 3rd July 2018
H Zazai 162 Afghanistan Ireland 23rd February 2019
AJ Finch 156 Australia England 29th August 2013

Do check out our article on whether a double century is possible in T20 cricket or not (interlink).

Ease Of Doing Spot Fixing

Given the rapid changes that are possible in the format, T20I matches are particularly more susceptible to unfortunate tactics like match fixing by players and fixers alike.

Best Bowling Figures In T20 International






Man of The Match

DL Chahar 6 7 3.2 India Vs Bangladesh Yes
BAW Mendis 6 8 4.0 Sri Lanka Vs Zimbabwe Yes
BAW Mendis 6 16 4.0 Sri Lanka Vs Australia Yes
YS Chahal 6 25 4.0 India Vs England Yes
AC Agar 6 30 4.0 Australia Vs New Zealand Yes

Some points are clear after looking at the top 5 best bowling performance in this format at the international level though.

  • Beating DL Chahar’s record will be a challenge for bowlers given his precision and highly economical performance. This will obviously require a bowler to take either 7 wickets or to take 6 wickets with a better economy rate.
  • Everyone of these have secured the man of the match award that shows how important wicket taking is in T20 as it breaks the backbone of the opposing team.

Fastest Century In T20 International

Player Name David Miller
Team South Africa
Balls Taken 35
Against Bangladesh

This unique feat was achieved by David Miller on 29th October 2017 when he made 101* runs in 36 balls. During his innings, he hit 9 sixes and 7 fours with a phenomenal strike rate of 280.55. The Proteas ended up defeating the Bangladeshi team by 83 runs and Miller was awarded as the man of the match.

Rohit Sharma Also Achieved This Feat

On 22nd December 2017, Rohit Sharma too made a century in 35 balls against the Sri Lankan team. This involved him making 118 runs off 43 deliveries with the help of 12 fours and 10 sixes.

Comparing Them Both

While in terms of strike rate, Rohit seems to be lacking, but it would also be great if we take a look at the percentage contribution of fours and sixes and their combined one as well for getting a better idea about their ability as a T20 batsman.

David Miller Rohit Sharma
Runs 101 118
Runs With 4s 28 48
Runs With 6s 54 60
Percentage Runs Due To 4s 27.72 % 40.67 %
Percentage Runs Due To 6s 53.46 % 50.85 %
Percentage Runs Due To 4s and 6s 81.18 % 91.52 %

As we can see, Rohit scored more portion of his runs with the help of fours and sixes and the difference is all thanks to the greater proportion of boundaries secured by him.

Still it would be a challenge for someone to break this record of making the fastest 100 in T20I cricket.

Highest Individual Score In T20 International

Aaron Finch currently holds the record for the highest score as a batsman in T20I cricket. He made 172 runs in 76 balls before he was dismissed because of getting hit wicket against Zimbabwe on 3rd July 2018.

If we look at it, he came very close to hitting a double hundred in the format. Thanks to his performance, Aussies won the game by 100 runs while as expected, he was given the man of the match award.

When it comes to talking about some other batsman breaking this award, it is going to be difficult given the number of things that he would need in his favor.

Highest Team Score In T20 International

Surprisingly, the record in terms of team score in international twenty 20 cricket is currently with Afghanistan. They made 278 runs against the Irish on 23rd February 2019. While we discussed about Finch’s innings in the last section, this match also involved a batsman securing the second position in terms of individual scores in T20 cricket.

Hazratullah Zazai made 162* notches in 62 balls hitting 11 fours and 16 sixes and propelled the Afghan team towards a total that is considered a strong one even in ODI cricket.




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Most Dangerous Team In IPL | IPL Most Dangerous Team


Which is the most Dangerous Team in IPL?

Mumbai Indians. Yes, we know the suspense isn’t worth it. But, there will always be people who just became fans of IPL. To deduce why MI (as it is fondly referred to by most IPL fans) is called the most dangerous team in IPL (Indian Premier League), we need to look at their performance evolution over time.

MI’s Journey

The team struggled (yes, MI also had this phase) initially but later picked up momentum and made it into the finals of IPL 2010. There they defeated the Chennai Super Kings in 2013 to win the league who had won 2 titles before.

Interesting thing to note here is that MI had lost the 2010 final to CSK and not just that, 2013 was the 5th championship match for CSK then itself! Then, curiously, MI won alternate championships till 2019 and then again in 2020 to bring the total tally of their trophies to 5.

Total Domination Of MI In Recent Years

Given their track record of winning, they are indeed a team whose performance almost all fans of the Indian T20 league want to know about. If they keep winning more titles in the upcoming years, then it would be interesting to see if another team takes up the initiative to keep them in check.

Rohit Sharma Effect

Rohit Sharma has been leading the team since 2013 and it is under his leadership the team has won all its titles. There is a clear correlation of MI’s performance and his presence. His ability to take in young players and ensure that their potential gets developed to its maximum is something that many fans praise him for.

Message To RCB Fans

No, we don’t create those fancy and lame memes that you see on Twitter and the internet. If you believe that RCB is the best IPL team, more power to you. But keep the comments section of this post clean (no Rohit Sharma vada pav memes).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When did MI first reach in the finals?

MI reached the finals in 2010 to face the CSK.

When did MI win its first title?

MI did this in 2013 by defeating CSK by 23 runs.

How many titles has MI won under Rohit Sharma?

MI has won 5 titles under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma

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