Which Indian Cricketer Has The Most Haters? I Cricketfile

Which Indian Cricketer Has The Most Haters? I Cricketfile

Which Indian Cricketer Has The Most Haters? MS Dhoni is the most hated as well as the most popular Indian cricketer as of now. While many know of him as Captain Cool from the time period of his captaincy, the reasons for people hating him aren’t that difficult to understood.

Reasons For Him Being So

1. Defensive Approach

His approach towards acting as a captain has always been defensive. Though this might make him look as someone who takes well thought decisions, this has also resulted in games being lost most particularly in away test matches.

This isn’t the case when we talk about Virat Kohli. Though he has his own set of problems to deal with.

2. The Team Not Performing Well In Major Tournaments Post 2011

The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup win was monumental, but after that, it seemed that the ‘Dhoni Magic’ has died down.

3. Going All Out Against Veteran Players Initially

His decision to get players like Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, and VVS laxman dropped during initial phase of his captaincy faced a lot of heat and some of the loyal fans of such legendary cricketers hate Dhoni to this day.

Trolls That Don’t Really Need A Reason

Trolls as usual leave no stone unturned to trigger MSD fanatics with their nasty memes or comments. While they do this for attention, fans jump onto the bandwagon and the saga of replies begins. For those who are fans of him and those who aren’t, enjoy shows like these. Why? Because they are FREE.


While it is true that social media has ensured that memes and jokes go viral in a matter of hours, one needs to be a responsible Dhoni hater. Ashok Dinda was trolled to the point where he had to show his stats to put a full-stop to the debate. Innocent fun should be the norm and not brutal trolling.





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