Cricket Terms I Terms Used In Cricket I Cricket Terminologies

Cricket Terms I Terms Used In Cricket I Cricket Terminologies

Definition Of Cricket Terms

Cricket terms are the basic terminology used to describe certain events in cricket. The terms play a pivotal role in sports as people can relate to specific activities without their actual definition. These terms help in ascertaining the entire concept of the sports with more ease. There are a plethora of terms that are used in this phenomenal sport. The cricket terms are the best source of communication between empire and players. These terms also help the viewers in gaining an understanding of the varied concepts of the sport. Some of the prominent cricket terms include boundary, LBW, appeal, striker, edge, dolly, and a yorker.

List Of Cricket Terms

Soft Signal is when an on-field umpire has to make a decision whether a batsman is out or not out before referring to the third umpire is known as soft signal.

A batsman who bats right-handed is known as a right-handed batsman.

  • Left-handed batsman:

A batsman who bats left-handed is known as a Left-handed batsman.

A batsman who plays shots in all the areas of the ground is known as MR 360 Degree Player. AB de Villiers is known as MR 360 Degree Player.

In order to play hand cricket, you do not need any cricket equipments. You can play with the hands. It is an indoor cricket game which you might have played in the school.

It is an indoor cricket game where the celebrities showcase their cricketing skills and entertain their fans.

  • Boundary-

It is defined as the rope encircling the horizon of the pitch.

  • Bails-

Bails are the fixtures on which stumps stand straight.

  • Dolly-

It is an effortless and easy catch by the fielder.

  • Edge-

When the batsman strikes the ball only with the little touch of the bat, it is called an edge.

  • Golden Duck-

When the batsman gets out of the game on the very first ball.

  • Beamer-

It is the ball by the fast bowler which reaches the batsman’s spot without bouncing.

  • LBW-

It is the attempt by the batsman to stop the ball from smashing the stumps by using pads and is called out.

  • Maiden-

When the bowler shows his excellence by not letting the batsman gain even a single run during a complete over.

  • Yorker-

Yorker delivery aims to pitch underneath the toes of the batsman.

  • Slower ball

When the fast bowler intentionally throws a slow ball to astonish the batsman.

Most Common Cricket Terms

  1. Four
  2. Six
  3. Boundary
  4. Out
  5. Wicket
  6. Catch
  7. Bouncer
  8. Yorker
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